9 Green Cleaner Reviews

When I walk down the cleaner aisle I am happy to see a wider selection of "green" products but at the same time how does one know which are good and which are bad? It just seems easier with the non green productions. Like you know Sunlight cuts through grease, you know Tide gets your clothes clean. But what about the "green" products? 

Well I decided to start trying them out to see which work well and which well...which one's suck. So check back over the coming months as I try all different cleaners and write about how they are working out. I will also make my own cleaners and see how those compare.

If you have any product in particular that you would like me to check out just leave a comment and I will add it to the list I have. If the product isn't available where I live then I will let you know.

My Rating System

OMGWTFBBQ run away from this product

If there is nothing else left on the planet but this or a traditional chemical cleaner then go ahead and use it.

Some good and some bad with this one. But overall would be good to use.

Great product and would totally have my seal of approval.

If it was possible to marry a product it would be this one.

All Purpose

Gloves Off Stain Remover - 5 Leafs. This product spot cleans and removes stains on everything. Counters, floors, clothing, furniture, rugs. It is my go-to in stain fighting. Read full review.

Gloves Off Natural Action Disinfectant - 4 Leafs. This product is registered with Health Canada for eliminating 99% of germs. Works awesome at general cleaning in all areas I tried it. Read full review.

Method All Purpose Cleaner - 4 Leafs. I like that you don't need a lot of product to get results. 1 bottle lasted me longer than 6 months and I used it every day. Read full review.

Murphy Oil Soap - 4 Leafs. Great product if you want to use product to clean your wood floors as it cleans wells and doesn't leave a residue when it dries. Read full review.

Green Works All Purpose Cleaner - 2 Leafs. It cleans but tt says 'IRRITANT' on the bottle and it lives up to it.  Read full review.

Ecos Toilet Cleaner - 4 Leafs. No hazardous ingredients, gets great coverage and smells like camping! Read full review.

Method Tub and Tile Cleaner  - 4 Leafs. Easily gets rid of soap scum and hard water build up with a limited amount of elbow grease. Does have a slight peppermint scent.  Read full review.

Concrobium Mold Control - 4 Leafs. This product not only gets rid of mold and mildew but it prevents its growth. Perfect for use in damp areas like showers and window sills. Read full review.

PC Green Toilet Cleaner - 2 Leafs. I found this to be really thin which meant that I had to use more product than normal. It also smells really really strong.  Read full review.

Bio-Vert Dishwashing Liquid - 5 Leafs. I love that very little product is required to make the water soapy, and I believe that it will cost you less per day than traditional soaps. Read full review.

Earth Friendly Wave Dishwasher Gel - 4 Leafs. Works well if you are like me and hate pre-washing your dishes. Read full review.

Green Works Dishwashing Liquid - 2 Leafs. I couldn't stand the smell of this product, even though it claims to be a 'free and clear'. Read full review.

Nature Clean Dishwasher Gel - 1 Leaf. I honestly think that I would get better results not putting any soap in the dishwasher at all. Read full review.

Ecos Laundry Detergent - 4 Leafs. Gets stains out and overall does a fantastic job at cleaning our laundry without having a negative impact on the environment. Read full review.

Nellies Laundry Soda - 4 Leafs. Love that it is not in a full plastic bottle but found it did not do well at removing stains. Read full review.

Steam Mops
Vapmore MR-100 Primo (AKA Bumble Bee) - 5 Leafs. It was love at first use. Steam cleans everything you can think of and does not take that much effort. My floors have never been as clean as they are after using this product.  Read full review.

Shark Deluxe Steam Mop - 2 Leafs. It was just okay from the start and then 6 months in it completely stopped working and would leave pools of cold water everywhere. Read full review.

Products Currently in Use (so far)
7th Generation Dishwasher Liquid
Homemade recipes!
Ecover oxygen "bleach"


  1. Hi Jen, while at SuperStore yesterday I came across a new green cleaner called Martha Stewart Clean. I am wondering if you have ever tried it or even heard of it. I did pick out the bathroom cleaner to try .

  2. Hey Trish: I have heard of it but have not used it. It seems to be the trend that is starting though. Celebrities are starting "green" lines. There is even a George Forman line of "green" cleaning products.

    Let me know how the bathroom cleaner turns out!

  3. Don't know if you've tried any 7th gen products but if you join their website you can get coupons :-)

    I switched almost everything in my house to 7th gen and we love it. Especially the cypruss and fir tub and tile cleaner. It cuts through mildew like nobodies business and has saved my plastic (eek) shower curtain liner countless times.

    I haven't used any other brand though because there isn't a lot available to me where i live and I refuse to buy celebrity endorsed products.

  4. Hi Jen, I have been searching for greener products too. I was making my own toilet bowl cleaner for a while but got to be too much w/ my little one running around. I found a company that not only makes green products, they use less packaging. The cleaners are concentrated so they use less plastic and in turn less plastic goes in our landfills. Another great feature of these products is that you do not need child proof lids on them. They are also cheaper than the name brand products you buy everyday. If you want more information on these products please e-mail me frooglemom@gmail.com I love these products and will never shop anywhere else!

  5. I have switched over to Shaklee products! I love love love it! Sometimes when I tried "green" products I didn't feel like they really cleaned or I felt I had to wipe it off because it left an oily type residue! I love this Shaklee so much I signed up to be a distributor but mostly I am just thrilled to switch our stuff over. With asthma and general health concerns I am glad I found it. I would love to send you a sample of the Organic Basic H2 if you have never got to try it! Love your blog and loving I can follow it now!


  6. I recently started buying from Melaleuca, and am VERY pleased with their products.

  7. I too, have switched to Melaleuca. They are green, they are affordable and they work!

  8. While all these products might contain "green" ingredients, they all come in plastic containers. I would love to have the option of purchasing "green" cleaners in glass or cardboard containers (like we used to have about 40 years ago).

  9. I recently found a 7th Generation laundry detergent that is in a cardboard container but I then learned that it is actually fully lined with plastic.

    What I would love to see is local stores that allow you to buy products like these (for those that don't want to make their own) in bulk where you can bring your own container and fill it up.