0 Green Cleaner Review - Gloves Off Stain Remover

We have a microfiber sectional in our family room. It is a lighter colour which looks great but is a real PITA to keep clean. It is even harder when your husband spills chili (with extra hot sauce) on it or when he sits back on it when he has just applied some goopy stuff to his new tattoo. I have tried everything to get these stains out. Oxiclean, soap and water, yelling at it. Nothing has worked. So needless to say I was less than optimistic when I was given a bottle of Gloves Off Stain Remover to try.

Chili stain - it took 3 sprays and dabbing it for abour 10 seconds with a wet cloth and the stain was totally gone. Tattoo goop - 2 sprays and about 5 seconds of blotting and it was gone. You know when try to remove a stain and it leaves a lighter colour ring around the stain, this product does not do that.

When we first got our package with the Gloves Off products in them Joe opened each one and smelled them. Don't ask me why...even I don't understand it. He thought this product smelled really good...it doesn't smell like chemicals and it also doesn't smell overally fragrant.

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an effective stain remover that is also environmentally friendly.

*** I was given this product to try out and review. I was also given some to giveaway to my readers. This however had no influence in my review. Homie don't play that.

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