12 There's a Stye in My Eye ~ Heal it Naturally!

I have been known to do some weird things in place of modern medicine. It's not that I don't like doctors or medicine, it's just that I like to take a natural approach first. Like when B was stuffed up as a baby I used to put drops of breastmilk up his nose and then suck the snot out. It actually worked so well that when I told my sister about it she asked for some milk for her daughter who was also stuffed up. I was a breastmilk suppler/dealer for a bit there.

Last night my eye started to hurt and itch. I woke up this morning to a red swollen stye eye. And yes..it is really sexy! I took a picture of it this morning and sent it to Joe who then zoomed in as far as he could on it so that his desktop was just a picture of my stye eye. At least someone is getting some laughs out of my misery!

I didn't want to get drops but thought it would be the only option that is until my coworker saw me today and suggested I try putting a warm tea bag on it. The tea bag helps to suck all the bacteria out of the eye. So here I sit writing this post with a tea bag on my eye.

Heal Your Eye with Tea!

What you need
1 box of organic fair trade tea bags
1 tea pot
1 cup
1 stye (hahaha)

What to do
  1. Boil water and make yourself a cup of tea using a tea pot. 
  2. Wring out the tea bag and allow to cool just enough that it is tolerable to place onto your closed eye lid. 
  3. Leave on your eye until the tea bag is cold. 
  4. Put the tea bag back into the cup and pour more hot tea over it from the tea pot. Repeat steps 2-3 up to 3 times. 
  5. Compost the tea bag. 
  6. Repeat every 4 hours for 3 days.

Got any weird natural remedies that you use?

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  1. It's not particularly weird but, my 6 year old son got a sty about a year ago and our pediatrician (who is generally conservative with antibiotics) just had us put a clean, warm wash cloth over his eye for 10 minutes every few hours till it was gone. Sty was no longer bothersome within 24 hours and gone in 48. As fast or faster than an antibiotic ointment would have done the job. I bet the teabag will work well too!

    I used to use breast milk the same way too! I may or may not have snorted some a few times out of desperation w/ a miserable sinus infection :p And I put it on my daughters sweet face when she had baby acne :) Breast milk rocks!

    Hope your eye is better soon!

    1. I have been putting my breastmilk in my eye that hurts. I think I am developing a stye.I hope the pain eases up soon.

  2. This coincidence is TOO wierd. My husband woke up with a sty in his eye this morning! I told him to "google it" because I had no idea what he ought to do. I'm going to suggest the tea bag. :)

  3. The tea bag actually worked really well! The swelling is gone, the redness is down, it doesn't itch or hurt anymore.

  4. Breast Milk is awesome! I was glad i had an amazing dealer since i had none.

    As for tea bags they are suppose to help reduce bags under your eyes too.

  5. You just can't have any more kids after I am done nursing or else you will be SOL.

  6. I just pinned this! My hubby gets those very occasionally (he had one the night we got engaged - that was a great picture!), and I never knew what to do for it. This is a great idea.

    1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love how it not only works but it also makes it not hurt anymore.

  7. Stumbled upon your blog looking on pinterest for a natural remedy for styes...going to try this one now. Thanks Sarah!

    1. Well I don't know who Sarah is but glad you stopped by!

  8. Don't drink that second cup of tea after the bag's been on your eye! Stys are highly contagious, you don't want to drink that crap.

    1. I never said to drink the 2nd cup of tea. Holy crap that would be gross.