3 Green Cleaner Review - Concrobium Mold Control

I have been spending a lot of time trying this product because it does take awhile to figure out if the mo(u)ld will come back or not. I focused on 2 windows in our bedroom because when our blinds are down the moisture from our ensuite seems to get trapped in there leading to a black buildup. I don't know if it is mold or mildew but it is black and very hard to get rid of.

I first used Concrobium Mold Control on the windows in the fall. The windows remained closed over the winter and the blinds down. The black reappeared and while it was not nearly as bad as it was it still came back. I used the product again earlier this year and nothing has come back. The blinds are up more now but at the start of the year they were down just like they were last year. I did some research and read that sometimes if the area you applied the product gets really wet that it can essential eliminate the barrier of product that was there causing the mold/mildew to regrow. I believe this is what happened to us with the moisture coming from the ensuite and also from condensation with the blinds being closed and the sun shining right in the window. 

I think it is really important to follow the directions in order to have success. You have to spray and leave the product on the mold/mildew. Then when it is dry wipe the area down and reapply again. Doing this a second time will create that protective barrier.  

You can find the MSDS here where you can see that there are no toxic chemicals in it. In fact there is no bleach, VOC's or ammonia in the product. This makes it an excellent alternative to the more common products to get rid of mold (like bleach).

**I was given this product to review but this post is entirely based on my own thoughts

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  1. This is very good information...there is a need to save the earth in every small little way possible and make sure the pollution levels are reducing.

  2. Great! Thank you so much for this tip! I have been dealing with that nasty black mold in one corner of the shower in one of the bathrooms in the past year, and I am oh-so-glad for this recommendation of a green product.

    I just recently put vinegar and baking soda down my drain to clean it out - hooray!

    Too bad I already did an article about green cleaning products in the past couple of years in my quarterly newsletter - I would have loved to add this in!

    Melani Bolyai, L.Ac. Chinese Herbalist, Childbirth doula
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  3. Thanks for the review. We are going to use the product for the first time this week!