2 Eco-Challenge: Hair Raising Problem

Joe uses hairspray and mousse that come in aerosol cans. I saw them sitting in the garbage this weekend and wondered if we could recycle them. He has tried to put them out before and they are always left in the bluebox.

We can recycle aerosol paint cans though...only if we take them in on the special hazardous waste day. So this week I will be looking into our regions recycling rules and finding out if we can take our hair styling aerosol cans in on the hazardous waste day.

If we can then I will set up a little bin for them in our garage. If we can't...then I can always see if another region will take them and go on their hazardous waste day.

You can find the results here

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  1. our solution to this problem was to select a different hair product that did not come in a non recyclable container

  2. That would be my solution as well but apparently Joe has "difficult" hair and the products he uses are the only one's that "tame" it. ::rolls eyes::