10 Green Cleaner Review - Nature Clean Dishwashing Gel

We had run out of dishwasher cleaner so I ran out to get some. The selection at the closest grocery store was bad. Really bad. There was only one "green" product available and it was Canadian. So I decided to try it out. Win win right? Canadian and green!

My "rule" for reviewing these green products was to not blog about it until I had finished the product. I have not finished the Nature Clean Dishwasing Gel. I do not plan on finishing it. Such a waste I know but I am using so much water and energy (mine and our homes) rewashing dishes over and over again. I honestly think that I would get better results not putting any soap in the dishwasher at all. Our dishes come out covered in a film and with stuff still stuck on them. I have to wash them before putting them into the dishwasher now. Not just rinse them off....full on wash them. If I don't get it all then when it is done in the dishwasher and I go to take them out the dish will still be dirty and I will have to wash it again.

The product label says it removes 'tough food stains' which leads me to wonder what exactly this means to them. To me it means it should remove that small blog of ketchup on my plate not leave a ketchup ring where the blob once sat.

*** I have not been paid to review this product nor was I given any of this product to review. I bought the product myself and am reviewing it on my own. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Can you test/find a good bathroom (tub & tile) cleaner? I kind of like the PC Green stuff, but was wondering if there's anything stronger. Thanks!

  2. Absolutely! I used the green works all purpose cleaner in our shower and I was less than impressed. I will find something bathroom specific and try it out.

  3. Have you tried Bio-Vert dishwasher tabs? They are also a Canadian Company, and I've found they work well and I don't do a lot of pre-rinsing before putting things in the dishwasher.
    I found the Bio-Vert tabs at Costco.

  4. I have been using other bio-vert products and saw their tabs but they were hella expensive at Zellers. I will check around and see if I can find them for a better price.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. in regards to tub and tile, I found Le Scrub by Method (purchased at Cdn Tire), and I think its great so far! Its made with milled marble.

    you might want to test that brand.

    Cheers -Rach-

  6. Thanks Rach! I will add it to the list.

  7. I totally agree with you - we have a full bottle of that stuff to. We started using it when we got our dishwasher for the first time and was like maybe it's the dishwasher - well no it this horrible dish soap.

    we use the GreenCricket Store Brand and love it - also made in Canada.
    it's called Ecothec I think.

  8. Don't try Seventh Generation Dishwashing Gel either. It's awful! I ended up rewashing my dishes.
    Method makes a really good dishwasher tab but I'm not sure how "green" they really are.
    I generally love Nature Clean products but haven't tried the dishwaser detergent and won't now.

  9. Funny you should say that...I am using Seventh Generation right now and am having no issues at all with it. What kind were you using?

  10. Almost 4 years later and I will add to the "do not buy this product". We just moved into a new place, popped out to a local store last minute and this was one of the few 'green' products they, had so I bought it. I have spent the last few days washing and rewashing dishes, thinking that I was doing something wrong or that the dishwasher is defective. Last night I wondered if maybe it was the gel, googled this morning, and voila, here is your helpful review. Thanks so much. ...and OUT it goes!