0 Shark Steam Mop - Why are you FAILING me?

I decided to get a Shark Steam Mop a few weekends ago. I wanted to not be using any cleaners on our floor because B is a crawling (and partly walking) machine. Plus it just seemed easier than having to get the mop and bucket out. I love how it works on our hardwood floors...no streaks or anything. But the tile floor? So frustrating. I doesn't seem to do jack.shit. I still have to get on my hands and knees and scrub the grout and the food that has been smashed into the tile. I have got to be doing something wrong right? How can applying hot steam to a piece of kiwi on the floor not at least loosen part of it? Did I buy a sucky model (Shark Deluxe Mop)?

I am thisclose to taking it back and getting another kind. Who knew there would be a million different kinds of Shark Steam Mops to begin with? That will learn me.

So....any advice? Who has a steam mop out there?

Update - I am convinced it is now haunted
Updated Again - I have moved on

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