1 March Gratitude

March was a busy month, as has been April, which is why this post is coming a few weeks late. March is the official kickoff to the start of birthday parties. We have at least 2 family birthday parties each month from now until the end of the summer. Each party is always reflective of the person we are celebrating and I always leave with a smile on my face. In March, we saw a sister from another mister turn 6 and I jumped higher than I thought I had ever jumped before (although Joe tells a different story) in an attempt to get B to just stand on a trampoline with me. 50 minutes into the hour we had on the trampoline and his feet finally landed on the bouncy floor. 


6 Eliminate Toxins Hiding As Fragrance

Several years ago I wanted to tackle the toxins in our lives and make serious changes to start to eliminate them from our lives. There has been a lot of trial and error over the years, starting with buying green products and ending with us making as many of our own products as we can. By far the easiest way to cut toxins from your life is to eliminate chemical fragrances.  Fragrance hides behind proprietary laws in plain sight on our labels. You know it is there but because of these laws we do not know exactly what is in the product to make up the "fragrance". In fact, 3,163 toxic chemicals can hide behind the fragrance label in our products. These ingredients assault our senses and adversely affects our health.


7 Maintain Your Coffee Maker for Optimum Use

When I bought us a Keurig last year I thought it would be an easy way for Joe to take coffee to work each morning and for me, the non coffee drinker, to have a cup every once in awhile. It was certainly easier than making a full pot. And yet I can't even get it to make a full cup anymore. What was once the button to make a large cup now puts the same amount of coffee in my cup as the small cup button.  Now instead of making coffee in 1 step I have to use the large cup button followed by the small cup button and then a quick ninja move to get my coffee cup out from under the spout and another glass in its place to catch the extra coffee.


5 Easy Actions to Reduce Waste

I am a David Suzuki Queen of Green Coach helping 5 families to improve their environmental focus during an 8 week program. The first two weeks we focused on waste and set goals to improve upon an action they are already doing well, an action they feel they need to improve upon and an action they need 6 months to work on.  Reflecting and trying to set goals to minimize waste can be intimidating. Often, we are too hard on ourselves thinking that even a small action is not enough. To help my families be successful in their goal setting I provided them a list of 30 waste minimizing actions that focus on the 4 R's (Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).


13 Boys. They Ruin Everything

I have always wondered why it is so hard to find used boys clothes...especially pants. Now that I have a very active toddler I totally get it. It's because boys ruin everything. Since January we have gone through 19 pairs of pants, all succumbing to the same fate. Hole-in-left-knee-itis. I can drop B off at school in a brand new (to him) pair of pants and when I pick him up there is a huge hole in the left knee. The right knee? Always perfect.