4 Campfire Nachos

I like to call these my Clear Out the Cooler Nachos because they are a great way to use up the leftover veggies, meat and cheese that you may have kicking around in the cooler. Add leftover veggies and chicken from fajitas or ground beef from burgers or spaghetti sauce. The possibilities are endless and it is a great way to reduce any food waste that you may generate while camping. They are super easy to make and require very little time to prep and cook, which let's face it....is the perfect recipe for camping. After all, I prefer to spend my time like this vs slaving over a hot stove/BBQ/fire. 


6 Camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park

B had his last ball hockey game the morning we were planning to leave for Bon Echo and of course it was late in the morning when all other games of the season had been played at 8AM. I planned in advance, starting packing days before and yet was still not ready in time to go to ball hockey with the boys. They went without me while I finished laundry (why is there always so much laundry?) and started to pack the coolers. I had pre-made 3 huge iceblocks by freezing water in old vinegar jugs and in my head I totally thought that there would be enough room for all the food plus them in the cooler. The cooler full of food and food spread out on the floor around me as I sat there trying to find a million different ways to make it all work told a different story. So many years playing Tetris as a child had completely failed me. 


5 The Pressure to Walk the Walk

I hope I have never given the impression that I am the perfect little tree hugger. I'm not and in fact, none of us are. The fact is that there are just too many areas of our lives that impact the environment so it is virtually impossible to be dark green in all of them. I try not to judge when I see someone post pictures on Instagram with plastic cups, bottles of water or big ass SUV's but I can't even bring myself to heart them the majority of the time. Not because I am disgusted or think its ridiculous but because I don't want my so called "approval" by double tapping to ruin my green street cred.


2 The Secret to Removing the Entire Weed

We have all been there. Spending countless hours on a beautiful Saturday hunched over our gardens pulling weeds as quickly as possible so we can just be done with it already and sit down with a cold beverage. But they always come back and they normally bring a few new friends with them.  A few weekends ago I had the day to myself and decided to tend to the gardens. I put my headphones on, cranked up the tunes and started pulling those suckers out of their warm little homes. I don't know when I came out of the zombie dandelion pulling trance and started to pay attention to exactly what I was pulling out of the ground when when I did I was surprised at what I saw. 


4 Reduce Food Waste While Camping

I love camping. I hate the campsite booking politics, the prep work, packing, driving and setting up but once all that is done I love it. That first moment when you turn into the park and head down the road where you are completely immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of nature.  Pulling up to the campsite, cracking open the cooler and grabbing a cold drink that is completely deserved after all the planning, packing and driving. Those moments make it all worth it.  As does the food. Oh the food. Glorious, glorious camping food.  I prefer to spend my time canoeing, hiking and relaxing vs spending hours making meals. Over the years I have found several ways to keep our meals healthy and quick to prepare all while producing very little food waste.