8 Build Your Own Compost Bin Bag

If you are anything like me there are some things that you just always forget to buy until its too late. I mean who remembers compost bin bags anyways?  I have gone years without using bags at all but I have gotten our waste streams so small now that I am only filling the compost bin every 2-3 weeks. Add summer heat into the mix and you have a recipe for grossness....and maggots.  I started to use bags that fit directly into the bin but of course ran out and didn't realize until I was standing in the garage holding two bowls of compostable materials and looking into an empty bin.  


0 Protect Natural Areas By Exploring Them

I always joke that I live in the armpit of Canada. Sometimes it just feels that way when I see pictures of all the other parts of this country with their clean air and never ending trees and I am surrounded by highways, smog indexes and noise. It seems that everywhere I look I see urban sprawl, with farmers fields becoming subdivisions and once large forests being reduced to the size of a postage stamp, which can overshadow the beautiful places that are close by. We may not have old growth boreal forests but we do have the Greenbelt and while it isn't home to cute baby seals and polar bears, it is a huge amount of protected land that will be around for generations to enjoy and learn from. 


16 Thinking Outside of the Lunch Box {+Wild Mint Shop Giveaway}

Lunch containers can be for so much more than school lunches. Since lunch is included in B’s tuition costs, I don’t have to send him with lunch every day so all the containers we have I bought mostly for camping and hiking. Using your lunch box containers for camping and hiking will not only ensure you get the most use out of them but it will also reduce the amount of waste you are producing while you are away from home. Think of it as boomerang camping! I know that it may seem easier to just throw all your food in Ziploc bags and pile those up in the cooler, but trust me, using your lunch containers can be just as easy, save you money, and are way better for the environment.


2 Eat Healthy and Reduce Waste

Eating healthy and reducing food waste go hand in hand. I have always eaten healthy 80% of the time but never really felt like I was setting myself up to eat healthy more than that. My food life was disorganized and as a result I was constantly throwing spoiled food into the composter when I would clean my fridge out to make room for new groceries. Last month I undertook a food and lifestyle overhaul and as a result I feel like I have organized the food in my life. What I didn't expect to happen was such a dramatic decrease in the amount of compost I was producing. I just do not produce nearly as much food waste because I am eating the food before it spoils.


9 My Favourite Uses for Essential Oils

I'm relatively late to the essential oils game. I only fell in love with them just over a year ago. But in love with them I am. I started out small by adding them to my homemade cleaners and then it basically just blew up from there. I was ditching my normal products to combat mold and sore throats, and I wore a clay necklace with a few drops of peppermint essential oil when I was feeling congested.  As I continue to explore new ways to use essential oils in our lives, I wanted to share my favourite uses so far. These are easy for anyone to incorporate into their routine, where you are an essential oil novice or a complete addict.