1 I Spy With My Little Eye -30C

When I woke up today I heard on the radio that it was going to be -30C. My first thought was that there was no way in hell I was going to spend even a second shoveling today. If I could drive my car straight into my office to avoid having to walk outside in this weather I would have. I certainly didn't think about the impact this temperature could on my driving range. I was only going to be driving 45 kilometers round trip, which is completely doable even if I had the heat blasting and was driving like a 16 year old with a Ferrari. And then I made a mistake.

We were playing I Spy as we drove to school. Yellow is always the lines on the road. Pink always gets the response "I tricked you!" This morning it went like this.

Me - I spy with my little eye, something that is blue.
B - That sign
Me - What sign?
B - That one. (He must pointing at something but you know I can't tell BECAUSE I'M DRIVING)
Me - No
B - My hoodie?
Me - No
B - Well it isn't my coat that you left at home.
Me - $&*@


5 Buying Gifts for an Eco-Conscious Girl

Yesterday Joe asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I hate this question. If I answer it then that is probably what I will get and then I won't be surprised. Plus I figure that someone who has been with me for nearly 10 years should know what to get me. But what if the consumer market isn't set up for someone like Joe to be able to find gifts for a crunchy gal like me. As you walk through any mall or even an online store, you are bombarded by toxic filled gift packs that are aimed at being a quick and easy gift for women. 


3 Make Your Own 4 Ingredient Non-Toxic Deodorant

Over the last eight years I have been eliminating toxic products from my life but the one that I always struggled with was deodorant. I have tried every commercially made natural deodorant that I could get my hands on but none of them seemed to work. I had given up and come to terms with the fact that I will probably always have to use the toxic Secret Clinic Strength. Then one day I decided to just make my own. I mean seriously, why not right?  I had nothing to lose other than maybe smelling a bit and having a recipe that didn't work. But that is nothing a weekend trial can't fix. So I made my own, and it worked. Really worked


8 Build Your Own Compost Bin Bag

If you are anything like me there are some things that you just always forget to buy until its too late. I mean who remembers compost bin bags anyways?  I have gone years without using bags at all but I have gotten our waste streams so small now that I am only filling the compost bin every 2-3 weeks. Add summer heat into the mix and you have a recipe for grossness....and maggots.  I started to use bags that fit directly into the bin but of course ran out and didn't realize until I was standing in the garage holding two bowls of compostable materials and looking into an empty bin.  


1 Protect Natural Areas By Exploring Them

I always joke that I live in the armpit of Canada. Sometimes it just feels that way when I see pictures of all the other parts of this country with their clean air and never ending trees and I am surrounded by highways, smog indexes and noise. It seems that everywhere I look I see urban sprawl, with farmers fields becoming subdivisions and once large forests being reduced to the size of a postage stamp, which can overshadow the beautiful places that are close by. We may not have old growth boreal forests but we do have the Greenbelt and while it isn't home to cute baby seals and polar bears, it is a huge amount of protected land that will be around for generations to enjoy and learn from.