16 Getting Over the Green Holiday Guilt

Every year I try to think of a new way to give gifts that are light on their environmental impact and it's exhausting. One year I even tried not giving physical gifts but rather experiences and it totally bombed. Less than half of the recipients used their gift and not because they weren't a good choice for the individual but because they just didn't have the time. I get it, a lot of people probably cursed my name for getting their kid lessons or classes that required them to drive them somewhere once a week. I just couldn't do any more toys. Kids have so many toys, so.many.toys


1 Camping at Arrowhead Provincial Park

The first night we arrived at Arrowhead we set up camp and made our dinner. Within less than an hour we were in the middle of a full on thunderstorm complete with a ridiculous amount of rain. I remembered that our firewood was sitting on the ground so I ran outside to move it into the back of the truck and stepped into a small river of water running through our site. This isn't one of those fishing stories where the minnow that was caught turns into a 9 foot beauty. There was at least 6 inches of water that had accumulated and covered 50% of our site. Thankfully, we were dry inside and in the morning all the water had receded.


0 Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - 2 Ways

I feel like food is my love language this fall. Apples! Pumpkins! Cinnamon! We have hit the sweet spot between Canadian and US Thanksgiving where it is perfectly acceptable to eat all.the.fall.foods. When you are making your pumpkin pie or wondering what to do with leftover pumpkins from Halloween consider pulling the seeds out of those suckers and roasting up some holiday goodness. And because variety is the spice of life I have made our seeds in 2 different ways....Sweet and Spicy.


0 Make Your Own Halloween Treat Bags

It isn't always easy to find healthier Halloween treats to hand out and it is even harder to find non-candy treats that won't get your house egg'd. Last year I got the last minute idea to hand out stickers instead of candy but couldn't find any individual boxes of stickers. Instead I bought sheets of stickers and a bunch of other small items to make treat bags. The total cost was less than 46 cents per bag with the lollipop making up half of that cost.


4 Organic Apple Crisp

I love fall. Maybe it is the ability to finally wear sweaters and tall boots again or maybe it is the small break between OMG WHY ARE MY EYEBALLS SWEATING and OMG WHY ARE MY EYEBALLS FROZEN that make me appreciate normal temperatures. In reality it is probably the food. Turkey, pumpkin, apple...I'd eat that.  We found a local organic apple orchard a few weeks ago and ventured out to pick our own. I didn't really plan it out knowing I would get a certain amount of apples. I kind of just went into it thinking... Apples! Fuck yah! The result was 15 pounds of apples. I tried to pawn some off on my 6 year old niece by telling her they were magical but that still left me with 13 pounds. I put one in B's lunch every day, and by one I mean the same one because it keeps coming back uneaten. When life gives you 12.99 pounds of apples there is only one thing to do with them. Apple frickin crisp.