0 Life Lessons With Auntie Jen

Holy crap I am the worst. My last post was all "YAY! I am back to consistent blogging!" and here it is 10 days later and this is my first post. Time is like a vacuum sometimes and I can't believe it has been more than a week since I proclaimed my return to serious blogging.  ANYWAYS, let's talk long weekends. Canada just had one and you lucky folks in the USA are headed into one. The May long weekend is affectionately called May Two-Four up here, probably because it falls around the 24th of the month but most likely because we like, and consume a lot of, beer (it comes in cases of 24).  As a younger lady I would spend my May Two-Four weekend camping with friends. It was fun, it was carefree and I don't remember being bothered by the cooler temperatures and the inevitable rain storm.


6 I'm Back (I think)

I have been one foot in and one foot out of this place for a few years now. It probably hasn't truly felt like it because once every 4-6 weeks a new posts pops up, but my mind just hasn't been into this whole writing thing. I always feel like I am busting with stories and ideas to share, most of which come to me when I am driving or in the shower, but I can never seem to muster the energy to turn thoughts into anything coherent. And the thought of having to make pinable images and SEO and blah blah blah. Fuck it, I'm just going to drink this glass of wine and binge watch Fringe (I totally did that this month). 


3 Camping at Halfway Lake Provincial Park

You are going to start to notice a theme with my camping posts. They will most likely all start out with me telling you about our trip being delayed, meltdowns (mine) and food being left behind. I think we are starting to get better at dealing with travel day stress but for some reason it still doesn't stop us from thinking we can actually get out of the house on time on a Friday night after working all day. We had decided to head North to get away from the overpopulated Southern parks and since it was a 7 hour drive we planned to split the drive up by heading out Friday night and driving 2.5 hours to another park for the night. Insert laughter here. This plan hinged on us leaving the house by 4PM, and leave by 4PM we did not. In fact the packing of the truck had only just begun and we did not pull out of the driveway until almost 6PM.


4 Juicing Without A Juicer

I don't own a high powered blender or a juicer.  Not that I don't think it would be awesome to have one but right now my regular old blender works just fine. I do sometimes feel limited in what I can make as our blender doesn't break down some fruits and veggies like its high powered counterpart would. I try to block out the 2014 Beet Smoothie Incident and the 2016 Almond Smoothie Incident but they are classic examples of how I can't have it all with our current blender. This is also why I have never made my own juice, as I always thought I would need to have some fancy equipment that has a late night infomercial in order to get chunk free juice. I was wrong.


17 Getting Over the Green Holiday Guilt

Every year I try to think of a new way to give gifts that are light on their environmental impact and it's exhausting. One year I even tried not giving physical gifts but rather experiences and it totally bombed. Less than half of the recipients used their gift and not because they weren't a good choice for the individual but because they just didn't have the time. I get it, a lot of people probably cursed my name for getting their kid lessons or classes that required them to drive them somewhere once a week. I just couldn't do any more toys. Kids have so many toys, so.many.toys