0 Green Cleaner Review - PC Green Toilet Bowl Cleaner

I have been unsure of the PC Green cleaning line. I am not sure if they really are green products or if there is some good greenwashing going on here. I decided to try out the toilet bowl cleaner. I squirted some in the toilet in our powder room and was immediately overcome by the fumes. I turned on the fan and shut the door but to my dismay the smell filled the main floor of our house. It was strong, it smelled like chemicals.

The product itself does an okay job at cleaning but it is so thin that it ends up coming out really fast and you end up using a lot of it. Plus it doesn't get create coverage so you have to use more to ensure it stays in place to clean. The product contains glycolic acid but I have no information on the percentage (anything over 10% is considered hazardous) that is in the cleaner.

And I have to admit I am not entirely sure what is green about this product. I read that label over a million times and from what I can tell it does not have any chlorine in it. Is that it? I just don't know.

OMG I can smell it and the bottle isn't even open and it is just sitting beside me. ::vomits::

*** I have not been paid to review this product nor was I given any of this product to review. I bought the product myself and am reviewing it on my own.

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