1 Green Cleaner Review - Ecos Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet always seems to be a task where people tend to think harsh chemicals are needed. I am not one of these people. I have watched commercials recently where they recommend pouring BLEACH into your toilet to leave it sparkling white. WHO DOES THAT????  I have tried "green" toilet cleaners before and was unimpressed so my expectations were not high when I started to try Ecos Toilet Cleaner.

Let me set the stage for you. I opened lid of the cleaner expecting to smell that chemical/burn your nose hairs off smell. What did I get instead? A flood of memories. You see Ecos Toilet Cleaner smells like camping. Yep, camping. It reminds me of when I was a Girl Guide and had to clean the lat with the hardest brush known to man. It is easy to apply, gets great coverage and it works!

Now check out this data sheet. Yep...no hazardous ingredients or no hidden recommendations that suggest that you call poison control if you ingest it. It is biodegradable, plant based, free from harmful chemicals and is the least acidic toilet cleaner on the market.

This is a product that we will be using in our home from now on.

***I was given this product to review but as always the opinions I express are my own.

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  1. Good day!
    Bowl cleaner must have the capability to reduce bad bacteria in your C.R.
    Good smell is also important.
    Thank you!