I have had this crazy idea for awhile now and haven't given much thought on how we could achieve it. The crazy Canadian dollar has opened my eyes to our travel habits and we have re-prioritized our travel wish list and we are putting Canada first.  A big part of that is experiencing Canada in its raw form. Waking up to the sounds and sights that are pure Canadiana. Moose, bears, beavers (duhh) and the call of the loon.

Quiet mornings paddling on a calm lake, long drives through the Canadian Shield and nights spent with the fire crackling as we stare up into the starry night sky. It is a time to decompress, unplug and step back into the moment with those that I love the most.

Our goal is to visit every Provincial Park in Ontario and every National Park in Canada (I totally just added that last part on right now on a whim). I don't know how long it will take or if we will make it to the other side in one piece but I am beyond excited at the memories we are going to make and how much of this amazing country we will see.

Take my money Canada.

Some small rules (UGH, who let the rule maker in here??)
  1. To count as a visit we must spend at least an hour there. We don't have to camp so a picnic, beach trip, hike, bike ride or canoe trip counts. 
  2. Parks I visited as a kid don't count (and there were so many). 
  3. We are giving ourselves permission to revisit parks that we love and being okay with the delay in the completion of this challenge.

Parks Visited So Far

Provincial Parks
Arrowhead (2013)
Awenda (2014)
Bon Echo (2015)
Bronte Creek (2011)
Earl Rowe (2006)
Halfway Lake (2015)
Killarney (2016)
Pinery (2012)
MacGregor Point (2015)
Rock Point (2007)
Sandbanks (2015)
Selkirk (2016)
Sharbot Lake (2015)
Sibbalt Point (2003)
Six Mile Lake (2016)
Wheatley (2010)

National Parks
Banff (2017)
Jasper (2017)

Future Planned Trips

Provincial Parks
Long Point
Port Burwell

National Parks
Bruce Peninsula

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