2 Green Cleaner Review - Gloves Off Disinfectant

After the fiasco with our last all purpose cleaner I have to say I am a bit jaded of products working and being green. I have been using Gloves Off Disinfectant for about a month now and was immediatly impressed with how well it cleaned. My counters have seriously never felt or looked cleaner. It gets almost everything up off the counter too. The only thing I found that it would not remove was a small stain from the curry we had last Friday (mmmmmmm curry). But you know what did work? The Gloves Off Stain Remover!  It is like Batman and Robin in action.

I have used the disinfectant on our kitchen counter, stainless steel appliances, bathroom counter, sinks, toilet, walls and kitchen table all with the same outcome. This product just plain works. The smell is great too...no strong chemical odour here.

This product is made from plant based biodegradable  materials so it is green (compared to some competitors on the market who just claim to be green but aren't really). I also love that it is registered with Health Canada for eliminating 99% of germs.

*** I was given this product to try out and review. I was also given some to giveaway to my readers. This however had no influence in my review because I am not a sellout.

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  1. Great blog! What about the greenest cleaners of all: vinegar, baking soda, borax, etc? There are loads of recipes for homemade cleaners that work great. All you need to do is buy a few spray bottles from the dollar store!

  2. Oh absolutely I am going to try making our own cleaners as well!