8 Green Body Care Product Reviews

I struggle with this topic because I find that it is hard to find a good variety of products and also because there is a wide range of effectiveness in their use. For example shampoo....it works well for the first month or so and then I find it just stops working and all of a sudden your hair looks like shit. At one point I found an old bottle of  "regular" shampoo and I used it. OMG my hair felt and looked so nice again. It shouldn't have to be like that! We should be able to use products on our bodies that are good for the environment and do their job!

So I am going to start blogging about which products we use and what our successes and failures are with them. This will include products for adults and products for babies/kids.

If you have a product that you would like me to check out just leave a comment and will add it to the list below. If the product is not available where I live I will let you know so you aren't waiting for a review.

My Rating System

OMGWTFBBQ run away from this product

If there is nothing else left on the planet but this or a traditional body care product then go ahead and use it.

Some good and some bad with this one. But overall would be good to use.

Great product and would totally have my seal of approval

If it was possible to marry a product it would be this one.

Maxim Hygiene Tampons - 4 Leafs. Fantastic organic alternative to traditional tampons that also helps you reduce the amount of waste you produce. Read full review.

Kiss My Face Bar Soap - 3 Leafs. They really did a great job of cleaning and feeling clean afterwards with no residue feeling. But I found that they did not lather at all.  Read full review.

Kiss My Face Deodorant  - 3 Leafs. Great natural product but unfortunately natural deodorants do not work for me. At all.  Read full review.

Kiss My Face Facial Products - 5 Leafs. These products work fantastic and keep my skin looking great. I actually saved money switching to Kiss My Face from Aveeno and its better for my skin! Read full review.

Miessence Shampoo - 5 Leafs. Best shampoo I have tried. Leaves my hair feeling clean and soft with no harsh chemicals. Read full review.  Check out my review with apple cider vinegar rinse.

Live Clean Shampoo and Conditioner - 3 Leafs. These products worked fantastic at first left build up in my hair after 2 months. I think the results would be different if I had combined with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Read full review.

Burts Bees Diaper Ointment - 5 Leafs. Works fast to cure or prevent diaper rash and last a really long time (still using the same tube 3 years later!). Review full review.

Kiss My Face Kids Toothpaste - 3 Leafs. Good starter toothpaste for kids as it tastes good and lasts a long time.  Read full review.

Live Clean Baby Bubble Bath - 3 Leafs. Gentle for that baby skin and smells fantastic (that new baby smell) Read full review.

Natures Gate Sunblock - 4 Leafs. Easy to apply and goes on smooth, which is important when applying when on the run.  Read full review.

Products Currently in Use (so far)
Badger Sunblock
Burts Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash
Burts Bees Baby Bubble Bath
Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap
Dr. Bronners Bar Soap
Live Clean Baby Lotion
NatraCare Organic Tampons
Natures Gate Hand Soap
Urban Cowboy Bar Soap


  1. I just bought some of the Burts Bees shampoo since I really want to switch to one that sulfate (etc etc) free. I'll let you know how it works.

  2. Awesome that would be great!

  3. So I've been using the Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo for about 2 weeks now... I think I would give it 3.5 leaves on the Jen scale.

    - Smells yummy
    - Clean, soft, healthy looking hair
    - Good lather
    - Paraben, SLS, Petrochemical, and Phthalate Free! 98% natural.

    - Not shiny.
    - Watery consistency out of bottle, so it seems like I have to use just a little more then my old shampoo to get good coverage.

    Overall, I do like it... though I don't feel like it leaves my hair as shiny as my old shampoo. Maybe it would be much shinier if I was using the conditioner as well, but since I have a pixie cut, conditioner isn't really needed! So I like it and I'll use it again, but I think I'll keep shopping around a little.

    Do you allow guest posts? I would love to whip this comment into a more formal post (following the way you do your reviews). I would put a post on my blog pointing everyone in the direction of your blog. Let me know if that is something you might be interested in.

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  5. Please keep reviewing green body products! It's so great to find a Canadian blog with products I can actually purchase in a real store, instead of online with shipping costs!

    Your blog introduced me to Live Clean and I switched my 8 month old son's body wash immediately. I really like it for him - I think it smells nice, it still lathers up a bit in his hair, it's tear free, and affordable!

    Thanks again!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you find the reviews useful and that you can actually find them in store (pet peeve of mine too!)

  7. Love the updated page! I wish we all could get that level of constructive feedback from Amy!

  8. Thanks Emily! I hope you had some takeaways too!