3 Green Body Care Product Review - Live Clean Shampoo/Conditioner

I decided to review both the Live Clean Shampoo and Conditioner in one review because my experience with them is exactly the same.

I had my eye on these two products for awhile but did not buy them because I found them to be very expensive. But then they went on sale and I picked them up to try out. Going forward I would only buy the shampoo and conditioner if they were on sale because of the cost.

I liked how they worked initially. I found I needed more shampoo than I was used to using but otherwise I thought they yielded good results. My hair didn't feel greasy and was easy to manage. But about two months into using them I found that it was like they just were not getting my hair clean anymore. I felt like I had constant frizz and a serious case of 'big hair'. I finally got so frustrated that I resorted to using 'traditional' shampoo and conditioner and the results made me want to make out with my hair. So soft, straight and awesome.  I asked around and found that I am not the only one who has experienced this with eco-friendly hair products so it certainly is not limited to Live Clean products.

Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
Live Green products are not in the database ::sad face::

** I was not given these products to review. I saved my own pennies to buy them. This post contains affiliate links. 

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  1. I've found that my hair gets nasty feeling with *any* shampoo and conditioner if it's the only one I'm using. I use two different shampoos and two different conditioners - I use each every other day. That is the best way I've found to not develop a nasty build-up. :)

  2. I bought a bunch of these when they first came out for $5 for the set. I don't know if thats their sale price, or what their normal price is.

    for build up, every once and awhile, I rub baking soda into my hair. it takes out that greasy feeling.

  3. @Becky - great tip!

    @Rach - $5 is a great deal for the set. I bought the large bottles and they were normally $16.99 each. I got them for $10 each.