0 Green Hotels - The Bad

If you haven't checked out the other posts in this series then you may want to check out the reasons we picked the Minto Suites and the Good we found.  With every hotel there will be The Bad. Things that just don't add up to a sustainable perspective on the way they operate. Sometimes it is big things, sometimes it is small things. Here is what we found at our hotel.

The Bad

The showers could clean an elephant. There was nothing low flow about them...or if they were then they have done some serious magic to make low flow feel like 5000 psi of water ripping the hair off of your scalp.

By the parking garage elevators there were little cards to remind you what area of the parking garage you were in. I like the idea of this because seriously how many times do you end up forgetting where you have parked in a large garage. But I don't like the idea of this because it is just one more piece of paper that potentially hundreds of people are taking each week and then throwing away.

When we checked out via the TV it gave us the option to have the bill emailed to us. I selected this option thinking it would mean that we would not get a printed bill. I was wrong. As soon as I finished the checkout option a little message came up on the screen letting us know that a copy of the bill had been printed at the front desk and I could pick it up or it would be mailed to us. It showed up within the week. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of having the option to have it emailed to you doesn't it?

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