7 Green Body Care Product Review - Kiss My Face Soap

Last year I went looking to replace our soap and body wash. I came across a huge bar of Kiss My Face soap and decided to give it a try. I tried the Olive and Lavender and the Olive and Green Tea bars and had the same result with both. I find that there is no smell to them at all. It doesn't really even give you that "clean" smell that you find with traditional soaps. Which I suppose is due to the lack of chemicals etc.

These bars are massive so they are long lasting. I also found that they did not break apart easily so when you get to the end of the bar they aren't breaking into tiny unusable pieces. They are also readily available and cost effective (range from 2.99-4.49/bar).

They really did a great job of cleaning and feeling clean afterwards with no residue feeling. But I found that they did not lather at all. I have recently tried another Kiss My Face soap and it does in fact lather so I know it is not our water. Perhaps it is just how these olive oil based soaps work.

Cosmetic Safety Database Rating
Note - the Pure Olive Oil bar gets a rating of 0.

There are very few ingredients in both bars and are not made with animal products or chemicals. But get a higher rating than the pure bar because of the fragrances involve (score of 8). So if you like this product but want the one that is best for you and the environment go with the Pure Olive Oil bar.

**I was not given this product or paid for this review. I used my own dolla bills to pay for them.

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  1. Coconut and castor oil give more lather than a "soft" oil. I like their shampoo.

  2. I haven't tried their bar soaps, but I love Kiss My Face facial scrub! Too bad its so expensive.

  3. Does the scrub act as a good exfoliant Meegs?

  4. Jen, It does!
    I need a good scrub... but have trouble finding a natural one that doesn't exfoliate nicely, only to leave a weird residue feeling on my face from the glycerin. This one actually does though! My face always feels great afterwards, soft and clear. Love it!

  5. I just ran out of scrub so this is perfect timing Meegs! Thanks!

  6. its not the best exfoliant, but it does its job i used once, a couple a weeks ago... it was my daughters they use it mostly

  7. Great timing, let me know what you think!