0 Green Body Care Product Review - Maxim Hygiene Organic Tampons

When I opened the packaging box that came in the mail my first thought was 'holy crap how is there 20 tampons in there'. I was in shock at the size of the box compared to the Tampax that I normally buy.  The reason for the difference in box since is because there is way less filler with the Maxim Hygiene tampons. For the tampons with no applicator there is even less packaging. I could easily fit 6 of the non applicator boxes into the Tampax box. That would be 120 tampons in a box that holds 36. The downside is that they are wrapped in plastic (that is the only reason I am not giving these products 5 leafs).

With regards to performance I found that they had the same absorbency as other brands that I have used. Obviously I found the type with the applicator easier to use but I think I could get used to not having the applicator just based on the fact that it is such a significant reduction in packaging.

These tampons are made from organic and natural cotton and are free from chlorine, dioxin, synthetics and irritants. They are even biodegradable. It is mind boggling the amount of chemicals we are shoving into ourselves each month so having products like Maxim Hygiene on the market gives those who want to use tampons the option to stop putting toxins into our bodies.

There is an easy search tool on the website where you can find a store or online website to buy these products. They don't appear to be available in Canada in stores so that may hinder me from continuing to use them but I am definitely going to look into purchasing them online.

** I received this product to review but all views expressed are my own**

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