0 Green Body Care Product Review - Live Clean Baby Bubble Bath

I found Live Clean Baby Bubble Bath totally on a fluke when looking for something to put in B's stocking. It was reasonably priced (4.99 for 300mL) and it smelled fantastic. This product is made form 98% plant ingredients and is SLS and phthalate free. When I used it for the first time I was surprised at how much product it took to get bubbles in the water (we have hard water with a water softener so that may make a difference if you do not).  Yes it does its job and got our little guy clean but it takes a lot of product which means more money out of your pocket. Now add to that the fact that the last time I went to buy it it was up to 7.99! WHAT?????

I do like that the Live Clean products are readily available in big box stores and grocery stores. So in a pinch if it is on sale then it is a good product to pick up. Again for us it was just that it did not create enough bubbles (even with a lot of product used) to justify buying it.

UPDATE - I noticed a big difference in the amount of product needed when our water softener is topped right up with salt. We did not need nearly as much as we did when our water softener was getting close to needing refilling. 

**I was not given this product. I paid for it using my own cash monies. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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