1 The Best Green of 2012

What a year this has been eh?  At the end of each year I like to reflect on what we achieved throughout the year and what we can improve on in the coming year. Lots happened in 2012 that makes me feel like we are making good progress on our green journey. We started upcycling instead of recycling, conducted another waste audit, examined our food for GMO content, cut back on our plastic usage, started making our own cleaners, incorporated green design principles into our pool project, expanded our garden and started look at our home from an overall health perspective.

Top Green Posts from 2012
1.   Sowing Seeds Indoors
2.   Focusing on the 3 R's
3.   Unplugging to Save
4.   How the Soda Stream has reduced our impact 
5.   No Impact Day - Our Results
6.   Green Holiday Gift Guide
7.   Green Mommy Guilt
8.   Environmentalism has Failed
9.   Electricity Free Workouts
10. Disappointed in Wendy's

Although not a green topic the overall top post by far for the year was our Giveaway for Help Me Save Langley

Top Facebook Posts from 2012 
(pictures because FB doesn't let you link direct to status updates) 
1.   DIY fire starters
2.   Cooking pasta while reducing energy
3.   Toddler wearing
4.   Upcycling lemonade jars into pantry storage containers
5.   TCB (fruit flies) using vinegar
6.   Popcorn as packaging. Say whaaaat?
7.   Really exciting stuff in my fridge
8.   Reducing food waste one scoop of tomato paste at a time
9.   First harvest from our garden
10. Loving our LVE Life solar backpack

Hot Topics for 2012
Petition to remove arsenic from rice
Go Green Get Fit Challenge
Petition for Disney to remove toxins out of kids lunch boxes

What were your favourite posts for 2012? What topics did you find most interesting?

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  1. I always like reading about your experiences with eco-friendly changes.