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Not every workout requires electricity, in fact some of the best one's don't! It is easy to find routines that you can do at home, outside and at the gym that do not require any electricity to operate the equipment.  This is a great way to decrease the impact of your workout. If you do have to use equipment that requires electricity make sure that when you are done your workout you turn off the equipment and any accessories it has attached to it (TV, display screen etc).

Right now I am doing the 30 Day At Home CrossFit Challenge which requires 0 electricity. I like it because I can quickly add it on to the end of my normal workout or on my rest days I can do it first thing in the morning or last thing at night in only a few minutes. But just because it is quick does not mean it is easy. It looks easy on paper but trust me....it isn't! 

Gym Classes
I go to BootCamp and we do not use any equipment that is plugged in, nor is there any AC there. It is a great alternative to a gym if you are looking for something a bit greener. If you already have a gym membership then try taking a class a few times a week instead of using a piece of cardio equipment. Even the spin class I take has bikes that are not plugged into anything.

Home Workouts
Mini circuits are awesome. Keep a list somewhere of all the exercises you like (electronic is a greener option than paper) and each week sit down and create your circuits. I like to have my circuits be a good mix of overall body workouts instead of just focusing on one part of my body. Switch them up so I am not doing the same workout each time I do a circuit. Look for ideas on Pinterest and if you are doing it at home then also try buying your weights second hand. 

Some of my favourite workouts include:
* Legs - who needs to walk the next day anyways! 
* Abs - Do not laugh afterwards!
* Arms - Especially since it is tank top weather

Don't want to have to think about what to do each day? Here is a pre-assembled list for each day that will target a different body part. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Get Outside
This time of year is great for getting outside and working out. Go for a run, ride your bike, swim yoga on the beach or even do a circuit outside.  A few months ago my colleagues and I ran to a local field that huge hill to do hills training and then tomorrow we are doing a circuit outside at lunch! It is a nice change of pace from our regular trip to the gym. 

Go Green Get Fit Status
Fitness - I started running again. Someone hold me...I don't even mind it.
Strength - I have let my weight training slip. This week my goal is complete 3 circuits.
Food - Stress is making me eat like crap. Got to turn this around!
Me Time - No more excuses! Time to re-prioritize how I spend my time.

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  1. Very true. In fact we are selling our treadmill because even if it's 100 degrees outside we still go to the CrossFit gym or go for runs in the shade!

  2. I'm doing c25k, so I guess it technically uses a little bit of energy for powering my iphone, but otherwise its just me hitting the road!

  3. What do you do on rainy/OMG it's too hot days Meegs?

  4. Paige - love that you are selling it and I hope someone else gets some enjoyment out of it!

  5. Great ideas! I try to be conscious of electricity when I work out, so I limit my time at the gym on plugged in equipment. Even though it has been extremely hot outside, I still try to go for a run.

  6. Make sure you drink lots of water Katie!