4 Disappointed in Wendy's

Great minds think alike and that was evident last night. I got a BBM from my friend Amy just as we were getting home from swimming. As I was opening it Joe was getting dinner out (we had picked up Wendy's). Amy had sent me this 

This is a "holder" that Wendy's burgers come in now. They wrap them up and then put them in these cardboard containers.  And of course not only did Amy have one for dine-in at Wendy's but I had one with our takeout. Neither of us understood the need for this holder so I tweeted Wendy's to find out. They responded right away with this

The burgers fall apart??? If this was the case then why do not all burgers get these holders? Joe's triple burger didn't get one. And how was Amy's burger going to fall apart as it was put onto the tray and then as she carried it to the table? I found this online which may explain their original reason for having this holder.

The new wrapping is wax paper rather than the old plastic wrap they used to use so that is an improvement. In our case my burger did not come like the picture above. It came fully wrapped and then in that cardboard holder.  This new packaging also means that they have to place burgers in their own separate bag to prevent them from toppling over (this did not happen with us - but it is a common theme I read about online).

Wendy's did say that you can opt out of the cardboard holder if you ask when you order which may be the only option consumers have right now because Wendy's also does not have any recycling in their restaurants. You can find out more about that here but to me it looks like it is because they say fast food packaging is typically not accepted by recyclers (but it is here). 

If you want to see the good things Wendy's is doing for the environment you can find it here. No, Wendy's isn't all bad but I just think a little short sighted when it came to their new packaging design. I think it is supposed to have a "throwback" appeal which it does...right back to the time when there was no recycling and we waste resources with no thought. The only thing worse would be styrofoam.

What do you think? Will the new packaging keep you from going to Wendy's (if you go there) or will you try to opt out of the cardboard holder?

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  1. Stopping by from the UBP. Interesting that you mention this b/c I was just wondering about these recently when we ate there. It seemed unnecessary to me too, and I casually wondered what the point was.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amber! They really do seem pointless don't they!

  3. I just bought a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. I thought they ran outta their regular old wrappers and get half wrapped sandwich in a box. I liked the old way better.

  4. I liked the old way better too :(