6 Vinegar FTW

I have talked about my extreme love of vinegar before and this week solidified it even more. I have a hate hate relationship with the tile on our main floor. I mean sure it is nice in theory but it is a cleaning nightmare. All those decorative divots make a great hiding place for dirt and grime. In the 5 years we have been in this house I have yet to feel like I have gotten the entire floor perfectly clean. On Sunday I had had enough of it. I had finished washing the floor and still felt like it looked dirty. I stood there look at the floor and realized that some area's looked much worse than others. That was my AHH HAA moment. It is the grout that really makes it look dirty. In the most traveled areas it is darker than those less traveled areas. 

So I found myself on my hands and knees with a shot glass full of vinegar in one hand and a toothbrush in another. It took about 5 seconds to see the results and I screamed and called Joe over to see.

I mean just look at the difference!!!  I got about 2 rows done going through 2 shot glasses of vinegar. So I have like 9000000 more rows to go. 

The point of this post is that natural cleaners can even do the toughest jobs. I know a lot of people use bleach to clean grout and so I am ridiculously happy that vinegar had these results. You can feel comfortable using it and then having your kids and pets walking/crawling/licking the floor.

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  1. What if you used a nail cleaning brush? Or even a bristle hair brush? You could cover more grout in less time.

  2. The grout is so tiny I am not sure they would be as effective. But they would work great on the tile itself!

  3. I love cleaning with vinegar, too! It seems like it's uses are endless. And unlike most people, I like the smell! For those that don't, just add some essential oil to cut the odor.

  4. I have been cleaning my grout with a mix of 1/2 - 1 tsp of Dawn detergent, 2 Tbl baking soda, and 4 Tbl hydrogen peroxide. It works better than anything else I've used. Also great on cleaning my white wood work. I've got lots more things I'm going to try this cleanser on.

  5. @Dave - If you are looking to reduce the amount of toxins you are using then sub in a non-toxic detergent for the Dawn. Try Dr. Bronners, I have had fantastic results with it.