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One of the biggest parts of my success in getting back into shape is the gym. We have a fantastic program at work so my membership is dirt cheap so I figured even if I only went a handful of times it would still financially be worth it.  I have tried other means of working out like videos (Tae Bo anyone??), DVD's (30 Day Shred is boring people), online challenges and using our home gym. None of these have really ever worked for me. I do them for a bit and then get bored and just stop. Honestly, when I signed up for the gym in December I kind of thought it would end up the same way. But it hasn't.....because I want it more this time. You see I have always been thin so I could get by on the occasional workout and eating what I wanted to. Last fall I decided I wanted to get back into shape...meaning I wanted to have muscles and be toned. So here I am 9 months later and I have muscles in places I didn't even know you were supposed to have muscles. Shoulders can be sexy, I'm constantly walking around flexing and asking Joey to feel my muscles (and he does because he knows what is good for him), bikini's aren't scary and I can open jars on my own. 

The gym has given me a chance to try a variety of workout routines to find the one's that I like best. Like I randomly love spin class. I was always terrified of it thinking it would be an hour of torture but after much persistence from my colleagues I went and really really liked it so now I go once a week. I'm not bored with working out because I change up my routine on a regular basis. I force myself to go on the days when I don't feel like it which means for the most part I am at the gym 4 times a week. 

The key is to find what works for you. Everyone is different, your goals are different, what motivates you is different. So make sure your workout is different...make sure it makes you want to keep doing it. Your workout routine needs to help you reach your goals not hinder you.

Now are gyms green? That is a tough one to answer. They will never be more green than hitting the road and going for a gym or a ride on your bike so you need to do what you can to reduce the impact of your trips to the gym. 

* Bring your own reuseable water bottle
* Follow the tips I outlined on electricity free workouts
* Bring your own eco friendly soap and shampoo
* If you shower make it quick (I am in and out in under 2 minutes)
* Ask what products are used to clean the equipment and what you will have to use to wipe down the equipment.

Go Green Get Fit Status
Fitness - I'm getting outside this week! Working out in nature? Yes please!
Strength - I have still let my weight training slip. This week my goal is complete 2 circuits.
Food - I'm taking a no take out 2 week challenge. This will be week 1.
Me Time - There will be a whole load of me time this week.

Go Green Get Fit Blog of the Week - Brenna at Almost all the Truth

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  1. This has inspired me to get moving. Thanks.

  2. I am trying to get motivated to get in shape again. I am working out more, but I need to get into a routine. I love this post because it's a great reminder that I can do it! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award :) http://www.mamamakingchanges.com/2012/07/one-lovely-blog-award.html

  3. You both can do it! Setting realistic goals and finding the right workout routine was key for me.