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When I opened our PR package with the Green Cleaners in it I also found 2 surprises. Otterbottles for Joey and I!! We didn't have stainless steel water bottles so this was perfect. What did we use for water then? Jen - well I used plastic reusable bottles. I have about 4 of them, 3 of which smell and the 4th has a broken lid.  Joe - he drinks bottled water. The empty bottles are all over his truck. It is depressing.

Joe picked which Otterbottle he wanted first but really it was easy as one had butterflies and flowers on it and the other had a cool tree. Obviously he wanted the butterflies and flowers RIGHT JOEY???!!!

So what do we think?  Joey is converted. He loves cold water so bottled water was always what he wanted. Not any more. He loves that his new bottle keeps his water cold for a really really really long time. At first he said he would only use it if his water didn't taste like metal. I didn't so that won him over as well. He takes his bottle everywhere with him now....it is like Linus and his blankie.  His only complaint - the bottle rattles around in the cupholder in his truck. It is too narrow for the cupholder. I am not sure what kind of waterbottle would fill the cupholder up...maybe a jumbo slurpee??

I love my bottle too. I use it at work all day and then bring it home on the weekends to use. I was out in the garden on the weekend and the water stayed cold for a long time even though it was at least 204953483894 degrees out. I like that I can clip it to my backpack. I also love that it has a cool design. I have had many colleagues grab it and ask where I got it. My only complaint is the plastic top. It would be nice if there was no plastic involved at all, even though the plastic is BPA free and 100% recyclable.

What makes these bottles different than other stainless steel bottles out there? The Otterbottles are 100% 18/8 stainless steel. There is no liner and no aluminum.

The last 2 things that I love. These bottles were created by a Canadian lady named Shannon Andrukow who lives in Calgary. I also love that for every bottle sold they are donating proceeds to the David Suzuki Foundation. If you want to grab yourself some of these awesome bottles head on over to Otterbottle.

We absolutely love ours and will be using them for a very very long time.

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