2 Go Green Get Fit - Finding Balance

Getting fit is more than just hitting the gym and cutting back on the chips. It's about balance, slowing down, and taking the time to enjoy life. When I first started to make myself a priority again I automatically focused on working out and dieting and while both are good things to do they in amongst themselves are not entirely sustainable. I evaluated all aspects of my life and what was making it unhealthy. It wasn't just the fact that I wasn't doing the right kinds of workouts or that I ate far too much pasta. It was that I went to bed too late, I didn't eat enough protein, I didn't drink enough water and I never ever took time just for myself.  I had no balance. 

When starting to make changes to improve your fitness you have to look at your life and make decisions. You will  have to put yourself first sometimes. You will have to make the time and commit to making changes. I know how difficult this can be but trust me...it just takes a few weeks of doing this consistently and then it will feel like second nature. 

How I found some balance
* I gave myself permission to make myself a priority for once.
* I talked to Joey about my plans so we could balance our daily life.
* I cleaned out the BS in my life. Negativity is a soul sucker and time waster.
* I re-prioritized my life. 
* In addition to Joey I found a support system outside of the house.
* I listened to other people's advice.
* I learned it's okay to not get everything done in order to get some sleep.
* I de-cluttered (not even joking....you won't believe what this does to your stress level).

Find balance. Find yourself. Better yourself.

Over the next 12 weeks I will be blogging about what I did and will be doing to continue to get fit and keep that balance in my life all while still reducing my impact on the environment. Crunchy meets sweaty!

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  1. Nice post- even just taking 5 minutes to yourself a few times a day makes a big difference! And soon you'll realize maybe you can take 30 whole minutes.... or even a whole hour, and your world won't fall apart :)

    One thing that may sound silly, but that I love to do (since I work from home) is go out into my gardens a few times a day for just a couple of minutes. I watch and listen to the bumble bees flying around and visiting flowers. They don't mind that I'm there. It's so calming, and it's probably hard to understand until you try it!

  2. I don't think that sounds silly at all Sam! We got some chairs to put in our soon to be build gardens and I can't wait to sit out there and just take it all in.