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This weekend we were discussing Valentines Day and brainstorming ideas for B's valentines. I don't remember making my own valentines for my friends or even having to give one to every kid in the class. I just remember that we would make card holders for the front of our desks and pray that we got at least one valentine put into it. I try to make B's valentines each year using materials we already have at home. Partly because I like to reuse things and give them new life and also because I'm too lazy to go out in this cold to buy valentines or supplies. This year I wanted something really easy that could be done in as little time as possible.

Make Bee-utiful Homemade Valentines

What You Will Need

Card material - I used leftover construction paper and an old insert from a box.
Non-toxic paint - Yellow or black depending on what colour your card material is.
Marker - Yellow or black and silver.
Toddler thumb - for dipping in the paint

  1. Cut your cards to the size that you want. I chose to go on the small side because I only had 1 piece of black construction paper. They ended up being 2 inches by 3 inches.
  2. Have your kid sign the back of the card. It is easier to do this first rather than trying to do it once you have the paint on the other side.
  3. Put your non-toxic paint into a shallow container so it is easy for your kids to dip their thumb into. 
  4. Decide what saying you are going to include on the card because this will determine the orientation you will use for the card and where the thumbprint should go. I used Bee Mine but other suggestions are Bee My Valentine, "You are Beeutiful, You are the Bee's Knees or Happ-Bee Valentines Day. I centered on the left hand side so that I could then write on the right hand side. You could also switch the orientation and have the thumbprint at the top and the wording below.  
  5. Dip the bottom of the thumb into the paint and place onto the card, reminding them to lift directly up rather than squishing their thumb around on the card. Which while fun, it creates a really fat bee. We got two thumbprints out of each dip in the paint.
  6. Set aside to dry. Drying time will vary based on how much paint was on their thumb and how much squishing they did.
  7. Once dry, use a marker and draw strips on top of the paint. Also add a stinger, antennae and wings. I went through a lot of different variations of wings before I found one I liked and didn't look like a butterfly. 
  8. Write whatever wording you want.
  9. Celebrate your awesome creation, post on social media and await the accolades. 

Hello fat squishy bee

Other homemade valentine ideas - Upcycled snips in a heart, Hearts cut from toddler drawings

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