1 Homemade Upcycled Valentines

Each year we try to make our own valentines using resources we already have in our home. Last year we used leftover card stock and a few of B's drawings to make the valentines he handed out at school. This year I wanted us to make something as simple as possible while being hand made by B.  At school the kids work on their cutting skills by cutting "snips" of used paper onto a mat. At the end of the day we get an envelope filled with these snips. I never really knew what to do with them or really why I was keeping them until I saw this on Pinterest this weekend. 

What You Will Need

Cards - Old Christmas, Birthday, Thank You cards are exactly what you need.  

Snips - You don't need to have an envelope of snips in your closet to make these valentines. You can easily make the snips yourself by cutting up old envelopes or the ends of the cards that you use to make the base of the valentine. 

Tools - crayon or marker, non-toxic glue, scissors and a cutting board. 

  1. Decide on what size you want your valentines to be. I picked the size based on the old cards I was using to make the base. I needed to pick a size that would allow me to cut out the valentine without any wording or too much non lovey dovey pictures from the card. 
  2. Get all your snips together. A variety of sizes is good.
  3. Draw a heart onto the front of each valentine. 
  4. Fill the inside of the heart with glue and start to stick the snips on. I went for the layered effect where I added more glue on top of some of the snips so I could add more snip on top. Pro tip - don't push the snips down with your fingers. That is just going to get glue on your fingers. I used the end of a pair of scissors. 
  5. Allow to dry and then write whatever you want on the front.

B is 4 years old and he is doing all the work on the snips and writing his name on each card. Together we drew the hearts and are gluing snips to the card. I did all the cutting of the cards themselves.

No they aren't perfect but that is kind of the point. A 4 year old made them and is giving them to his 3, 4 and 5 year old friends. They don't need to be perfect.

Have you and your kids made your own valentines this year?

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  1. Great ideas! I love making homemade valentines with my kids.