3 Eco-Friendly Teachers Gifts

I struggle with what gifts to get  for B's teachers. I asked other teachers for their advice and received a great list of things NOT to buy and make. For Christmas we settled on buying others in need something in each of his teachers names. We got them school supplies to send 10 kids to school and clean water for 1 family.  The school year has come to an end and I found myself once again on the hunt for the perfect gift for some awesome ladies.

Steps to Making an Eco-Friendly Teachers Gift

1. Take a trip to your local nursery to pick up organic herbs. Make sure they are certified organic to ensure they are GMO free. You could also plan way far in advance and grow the herbs yourself from seeds!

2. Get your kids to paint on a piece of old paper. I used leftover packing paper that I keep for art projects and Christmas wrapping paper.  When the paint dries cut out whatever shape you want and glue it to the front of a brown paper bag. You can use new paper bags or use one's that you have kept from takeout food, school projects sent home etc. Make sure you write the teachers name on the front too.

3. Put the herbs into the paper bag ensuring that you wrap the bottom of the pot in a little bit of tissue paper or paper towel. This will ensure that if it is damp that it does not cause the bag to get wet and the plant to fall through. 

4. Add a gift card. We picked gift cards from the nursery where we got the herbs. Don't forget to write a cute message to the teachers inside the gift card.

5. I taped the top closed but you could also tied it with a ribbon if you just punched a few holes on the top. 

Have you made or bought an eco-friendly gift for the teachers in your life? What did you give?

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  1. What a great idea... and different than the "usual" gifts. Awesome!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. Thanks! Have a great weekend too!

  3. Great idea, Jen! And also, great reminder, since I TOTALLY forgot school-end was so soon!