5 1st Painting with Earth Paints

For a long time I struggled with the idea of letting B paint so I completely avoided it. We coloured, we drew, we did everything but paint because I didn't know where to start when it came to safe paints for him to be in contact with. Traditional paints are chemicals...basically solvents and pigments mixed together. I didn't want B exposed to that!  

Children's Earth Paint Kit - Petite

When a box of Earth Paints arrived at our door I was instantly excited to try them out. There are no chemicals involved so they are completely safe for use. The pigment is from clay that has been collected from the ground and then sifted and screened to make a fine powder. The colouring is not added but rather is the same colour as what comes up from the ground. I simply took a few teaspoons of a pigment and mixed it with water in the biodegradable plastic cups that came with the kit. It is a 1:1 ratio for pigment to water but it still took me a few colours to get it to be the correct consistency.

As B started to paint I had no worries about how messy he got or if he had it all over his hands (and mine, and the table, and his arms and his face). I knew that he was safe from toxins as Earth Paints have been tested by government approved toxicologists and deemed 100% non-toxic. Clean up was easy too. Regular soap and water for us and vinegar and water for the table.

Clay used to make paint powder

Earth Paints have many additional benefits including that they are made in the USA and the fact that the brown blob that B is convinced is 'Mater' will last and last and last. I highly recommend checking Earth Paints out. The kit we were sent costs $19.99 and based on the amount I used and how many paintings we got out of it I can see it easily lasting for at least 100 paintings. 

Disclaimer: I was sent an Earth Paint kit to test but the opinions expressed are my own based on our experience with the product.


  1. I found this recipe for homemade finger paints. I haven't tried it yet but it looks promising and non-toxic, depending on how you colour the mixture:

  2. This is pretty ingenious. I love that it essentially came from the ground. How many colors do they offer?

  3. There were 6 colours in the pack we got. Brown, green, blue, red, yellow and orange.

  4. This would be a great gift idea for my nieces.

  5. Totally would be Katie! You could get some recycled paper and natural brushes too.