2 January Gratitude

Taking a picture of something I am grateful for each day has really opened my eyes to what is in my life. They are small things mostly but when I look back they all really add up. A picture isn't necessarily just a still photo of an object or thing. When you look at one of my photos it may just be a tent or a book or cards but to me it reflects what I was feeling in that moment or what it symbolizes in my life.

Date Nights - rethinking what a date is and making time to put a table cloth on the table, light candles, put on a nice outfit and order some really awesome takeout. It seems like a no brainer but stay in dates have been a game changer for us because we don't have to rely on babysitters to get as many date nights as we need.

Unique Personality - As I am cleaning up at the end of the night I sometimes stumble upon B's toys still in action. Sometimes it is everyone all lined up like they are strutting their stuff and other times it is a banished stuffy that is sitting in the hallway just outside his bedroom door. These are little glimpses of his personality frozen in time. 

Family Traditions - My Mom makes quilts for the special people in her life. We all have them and each is different. She spends a lot of time on them and every time I have mine laying on me to keep me warm in this impossibly cold winter (or in the summer....I'm always cold) I am reminded by the love and talent that go into thoughtful family traditions. 

Friends I Have Never Met But Who Know Me - You probably have these types of friends too. The one's who you have a crap load in common with but they live a trillion miles away. Yah, sucks balls. I call these my Unconditional Friends. They are just there for me and they know what I need even when I don't know it myself. My friend Jenny sent me a book because based on virtual conversations she could tell it would help me...and she was right. 

Book Worm - I spent many Saturday mornings curled up in my bed until the late hours. No I wasn't sleeping, I was always reading a book...normally Sweet Valley High. I would read a full book each morning. I couldn't get enough and while I read significantly less now (I blame the internet) I still yearn to curl up and read. I love that B has that same desire. He commonly asks to bring books in the car with him so he can read. 

Window to Solitude - I have never really thought about how much I love having a window over our kitchen sink. I love looking out it to see the protected forest behind our house.

Screen Free - We try to minimize screen time around here but that is increasingly difficult as the temperatures continue to make it difficult to get outside in the evening. I love it when B suggests on his own that we should play cards or a board game. 

Laughter - In the mornings when we are always rushed to get out of the door there was a day when I came running down the stairs and all I saw was a little tent stuffed into the hallway. And coming from it was a little boys laughter as he called out "Mommy, come find me!". I'm grateful that I take the time to slow down and enjoy moments like this instead of being agitated that it is slowing us down. 

What were you grateful for in January?

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  1. What a great idea. Sometimes the moments are so fleeting it only makes sense to take a quick picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this idea, it''s so clever. A great way to remember everything and not forget how important it is. Just retweeted on Twitter.