6 I Want to be More Grateful

These last few years have been hard for me. Without a doubt the hardest in my life. Yet, upon reflection I know that I am lucky. I have a loving family, a good job, my health, a home. My friends...they are out of this world. B is hands down the best thing on this entire planet. Lucky. I am focusing on the positive this year. I want to show myself all that I have to be grateful for each day. In being grateful we can really appreciate what we have instead of trying to fill our lives with new things. Gratitude and the green lifestyle go hand in hand. Both lead to being present in your life and thinking about the now while still being mindful of the future. 

Late last year I stumbled upon the 365 Grateful Project and I knew this was exactly what I needed to help me realize the small things I have that are awesome in my life. So each day this year I have been taking a picture of what I am grateful for that day. Not all pictures will be posted because some are private but here are the ones I feel comfortable sharing. 

I am grateful for.....

A dishwasher. This may seem silly because it is not a requirement in life but on this particular day I was so grateful to have one and to not have to wash the massive pile of dishes by hand. 

The calm before the storm. A metaphor for life sometimes but on this day it was so quiet and calm before I went to bed and when we woke up the storm was in full force dumping snow and ice on our lives. 

Creativity and imagination. These aren't just plain old marbles. They represent creativity and imagination in my little guy. I can see myself in him when he is building and playing. 

Not relying on fossil fuels. I love my electric car. I love that this one purchase has helped to not only cut our reliance on fossil fuels but also reduce our families overall footprint.

Time alone to think.  Time is something you don't realize how much you need it until you don't really get it all that often. Time to do anything really...read, work out, pee in privacy...having even 20 minutes to just think in peace can be a big recharge.

Comfort food. I have 2 and one of them is PB&J sandwiches. After a long day this snack was much needed. 

Dance parties. B and I crank up the Slacker Radio and dance dance dance. Last weekend we busted our moves again and laughed the whole time. 

Security. Because life and people can suck sometimes.

Charging at work. There are no words for the comfort that this is providing this winter. 

Lunch.  I rarely remember to bring it these days. On this day I was so happy to have it because I was starving marvin. 

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. What a wonderful post. I am thankful there is always tomorrow and spring will come soon!

    1. What is this thing you call spring? ;)

  2. I am grateful to call you my friend (from the North Pole .... -44 degrees? Seriously?).

    1. It was so cold Karen. I never ever remember it being like this as a kid.

  3. LOVE the new look!

  4. LOVE peeing in private! Most people just don't understand! Lol