3 Making Mental Movies

Living the green life can mean doing more with less. We don't buy a lot of stuff so to most it probably appears like B does not have a lot of toys and frankly he doesn't. But he has enough toys because he never asks for anything new and he plays with everything he has (except his Buzz Lightyear...because he is terrified of him). Tonight we ditched the toys and had a dance party in the living room. As I danced around I took it all in and just watched in awe as B went back and forth between dancing like crazy and running a race with his wolf puppet. I thought about grabbing the video camera to capture the moment forever but I stopped myself when I realized that I was capturing the moment forever....just not on film. I am still laughing/smiling/crying as I replay in my mind him dancing around shaking his booty (like I showed him....he is soooo doomed) and getting so into the music as he spins around on the floor "break dancing".

Typically on Wednesday's bloggers are posting a Wordless Wednesday post with a single picture that conveys something they love, find funny or conveys what they are thinking. Today obviously I am not doing that but the movie I have in my head from tonight is so very very awesome.

I find that being eco-minded has helped us to have more moments worthy of a mental movie. There is less "stuff" cluttering our lives and more just enjoying the world around us. Sometimes that world is a trail into the woods, sometimes it is campground and sometimes it is a living room turned dance club. Shake your groove thang friends...shake your groove thang.

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  1. love it! sometimes mental movies are the best because then they grow older and you can retell them in the car and they come asking over and over, "mom can you tell me about the time that i did..." There is something wonderful about story telling time!

  2. love it... I try to do that too - just enjoy the moment. bc I know as I leave to get the camera, the moment will have changed, and be gone.

  3. So very true Rachel! As soon as I grab the camera B totally changes what he is doing.