5 When Upcycling Goes Wrong

Pinterest makes me feel like I am an upcycling wizard. Things that would normally intimidate me look super simple so naturally I think I can pull it off. Isn't that what Pinterest is all about? Find a pretty picture, Pin It, remember it later and try to recreate it...without reading directions and because you are awesome it of course turns out perfectly.

But you know it doesn't. Instead it ends up looking like this.

When it is supposed to look like this - Pinspiration. All because you used a hammer and nail vs the drill recommended in the instructions.

Have you ever screwed up something you found on Pinterest? It's okay...you can tell me...I won't laugh (too much).

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  1. I don't know why, but this post made me laugh til I cried. I can totally relate to the project gone wrong scenario! :)

  2. @OneDay - I totally thought I could get the project done in like 5 minutes and it would turn out perfectly. I grabbed a hammer and nail and well...look what happened. I love that I ever tried a second hole just to see if I could get it to work.

  3. http://www.pinterestfail.com/

  4. I'm just impressed that you tried it. I know my projects will generally go wrong so I just continue to look at the pretty pictures and imagine......

  5. I dare you to try one (just one) this month Lori.