4 Holiday Traditions Gone Wrong - Terribly Wrong

This is what happens when you let your 4 year old pick the gingerbread house. You end up with one that is not pre-assembled and comes with icing that somehow is like cement on your jeans yet can't hold 2 pieces of gingerbread together. So besides the fact that the red icing is basically one giant chemical masquerading as a treat (hence why our walls are not red) you can clearly see that this did not go well. There was loud sighs of frustration, laughter and at one point B exclaimed "this is really terrible guys".

This hole began to form in the top, taking the candy with it. A sink hole of delicious proportions. There was talk of putting it in the cold garage because surely that would make the icing set. But then this happened and we just knew that there was no hope. 

It is going to get drafty in that barn this winter. Not that the animals will care. They can't even stand up...probably drunk from having to watch us put this barn together. 

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  1. I enjoyed this :-) A couple of years ago my daughter-in-law bought one of these kits and brought it to my house to have me help assemble it. Nothing would stick, the icing was horrible, it hardened so quickly but didn't hold anything to it. What should have been a fun afternoon with a little one turned into an experiment in frustration for me.

  2. That sounds just like how it was for us!

  3. I made one myself, from scratch this weekend. I also had a 'vent hole' in the roof, so it turned into a light well with red candies! I just used icing to stick on lollies, and it was just fine sugar and egg, no nasty colouring! Though it was runny, so there was a lot of holding and waiting!