0 Eco-Challenge: Bring on the Spring Cleaning!

NO MORE WINTER!!!  Can we all just take a moment to throw some fists in the air for that? Now if only it would stop snowing and co-operating with all the spring time plans that are in my head!

This month is the perfect month to focus on deep cleaning and getting things in order for the warmer weather.  Sadly, this time of year can be one that is the least green for a lot of families with the use of toxic cleaning chemicals and throwing things no longer needed in the garbage.  

The Plan (must.find.motivation)
* schedule pickup for things already marked for donation
* find a home for stones from garden
* make own carpet cleaner
* clean baseboards - yep I put it out there so it means I have to do it
* clean out the car
* clean.all.the.things

Looking for the March Eco-Challenge results? Yah, so am I. I'm not sure who stole March from me or my drive to do much of anything but I would like it back please. Stay tuned for a wrap up later this month. 

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