5 Eco-Challenge: Fixing my Toe with Apple Cider Vinegar

In 2010 and 2011 I walked 95km over 3 days (plus several hundred km in practice distance) for breast cancer research. My heart was warm during and afterwards but my feet....oh my feet. Let's just say that I will never ever be a foot model. I had 5 blisters that varied in size from normal to OMG WHAT IS THAT.  A few days after the 2011 walk I noticed that my big toe started to change colour. Then it started to change texture. I let it go for a long time thinking it would resolve it self the same way all my other ailments from the walk did but as time passed my toenail didn't get better. Our pharmacist prescribed some cream which I used with no results for several months. I was giving up any hope of having a normal toe again when I stumbled upon a Pin that talked about using vinegar for foot ailments. So last chance for flip flop ready feet here we come!

Why apple cider vinegar?  It will help to restore the pH balance to my toenail and kill any bacteria that may have grown (is this not the grossest eco-challenge yet?...seriously).

During the month of January I will be soaking my foot twice a day for 30 minutes each time in a mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part warm water. I'm taking pictures so you have been warned. I'm on day 5 and already noticing improvements, I hope that it is not just some sort of placebo affect. On January 31st I will post the results of my eco-challenge to see if apple cider vinegar really works as a natural solution to fix my charity loving toe!
Have you ever used apple cider vinegar for a natural remedy? 

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  1. I have never used Apple Cider vinegar for this before, but I think I may have to join you on this experiment! Thanks for posting.

  2. very interesting!! I'm looking forward to seeing the result.

  3. Take pictures Emily so we can see the results!

  4. I've always heard about the miracles of Apple Cider Vinegar but have never tried it. I'd like to feature it on my blog one of these days... Did it work?!

  5. It did work Mystie. http://www.jenandjoeygogreen.com/2013/02/eco-challenge-results-fixing-my-toe.html