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This past Saturday I spent my day doing this.

For the 2nd year in a row I walked in the Weekend to End Women's Cancer walk. Last year I did the full 2 day 60 km journey. This year we did the 1 day 35km walk (because seriously my feet still have not healed from last year).

Last year I blogged about the environmental impacts of the walk. I am happy to say that there were a few improvements this year! 

Last Year - No recycling or composting at the pit stops, lunch, start or finish. 
This Year - They had signs on the waste bins indicating that the waste company will separate out the recycling and compost from the trash.

Last Year - Walkers dropped garbage all over the streets.
This Year - Walkers walked out of their way between pit stops to drop off waste and recyclables in the appropriate bins outside of peoples homes/businesses.

Last Year - Powerade was available in plastic bottles. 
This Year - There was some Powerade available in bottles but they now had big jugs of Gaterade that you could fill up your reusable bottle with . Or they had cups that you could use if you didn't want to fill up your bottle.

I'm happy to see some improvements and hope that each year they continue to reduce their impact by choosing sponsors and vendors that have environmental programs and by looking at ways to reduce the overall footprint of the event. 

Total number of kilometers walked - 95
Total number of hours spent walking - 20
Total number of blisters - 9
Total dollars raised - $3425
Total impact on my life - Unforgettable

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