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In honour of the Queen coming to town tomorrow I thought I would blog about this kick ass clothing company that is out of the UK. Rapanui is a unique company...I say that because they openly tell you how their clothing is made. If you visit that section of their website you aren't going to see what the horrible things you normally hear about with the clothing industry. To them it is not just about making clothing that look good and is good quality. It is also about making sure their consumers know where their clothing is coming from. I have talked about this time and time again with regards to food but I think clothing is sometimes overlooked from this perspective.

What are you wearing right now? Do you know where and how it was made? Probably not. I am sure you could guess and I am sure it is not something that you would be proud of. I am also guilty of this. I am wearing a Oneil t-shirt, Roxy flip flops and a skirt from Old Navy. Can I say for sure that I know the supply chain process for any of these companies? Nope. So as I browsed around the Rapanui website I started to think about the clothing industry and just how hard it is to find environmentally friendly options. We need more companies like this. We need more entrepreneurs like Rob and Mart Drake-Knight who want to start ethical companies, use sustainable raw materials, fair-trade labour and renewable energy when making their products.

Check out the Rapanui website and see the awesome stuff they are making.  My wish list includes:

Ahhhhhhhh SHARKS. Joey would be petrified.

OMG I just realized you can check the traceability of each individual product. Now that is awesome.

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  1. Pretty sweet!
    I love the tracking idea-
    will check them out!

  2. I know! Can you imagine if every company did that for their products?