0 Help Me Save Langley - RAOK Week 4

This was the last week for our Random Acts of Kindness for Langley. I was worried that things would slow down a bit once it was announced that Langley has a committed family but I was pleasantly surprised that the pace of people helping others continued for the entire month.

Check back in a few days when I will announce the winners of the giveaway!

What we did
* Some girls threw large rocks into the road that would have messed up any cars that drove over them so I picked them up off the road
* Picked up a large bag of garbage on a walk through our neighbourhood
* Bought chocolate bars for coworkers after my 50 cents on the vending machine was taken
* I wrote an email to my coworkers thanking them for their support with health and fitness
* B and I brought our neighbours recycling bins in from the curb
* We donated to this little guy to get him over $50 (and it looks like someone else has added to his account too!)

What you did
* Laurel donated baby/toddler clothing
* Rachel complimented her friend in such a way that 2 weeks later it was still making her friends day
* Ashely shared Langley's video on Facebook
* Rachel brought water to the guy who was cutting her lawn
* Colleen gave her kids each a quarter let them each buy a silly thing to give to other kids. 
* Laurel shared Langley's video on Facebook
* Kim was inspired by Rachel's compliment and decided to tell Rachel what she means to her
* Carey shared Langley's grant account on Facebook
* Jamie helped Joe with our shed yet again
* Sharon sent a group of people an email to make them smile during a tough time
* Rishma brought donuts to a meeting she knew would be rough
* Jamie helped with an electrical problem
* Colleen started a fundraiser for her friend Amanda who is adopting 5 kids from EE
* Katie shared Langley's video on Facebook

From the RAOK Challenge (for 2 entries)
* Laurel donated to Langley's grant account
* Rishma sent me a hilarious e-card to cheer me up 
* Colleen made someone's wish come true by buying ice cream for a little girl whose Mom forgot her wallet
* Rishma went through her closet and donated all the clothing she wasn't going to wear anymore to Afghan families in need
* Beth said hello to people she did not know at the doctors office
* Colleen said hi to and struck up a conversation at the zoo with a 71 year old with Down Syndrome,

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