1 Help Me Save Langley - RAOK Week 2

We are half way through Random Acts of Kindness for Langley and I am loving what you guys are doing to help other people and spread the word about Langley!  Don't forget to send pictures of you doing your random act!

What we did
Saying Congratulations
Our Daycare providers daughter graduated from elementary school this week so B and I decided to make her a card. I wrote the words and coloured some balloons and B coloured and picked out 8 stickers to put on it. 

Saying Thank You
I don't often see people waving thanks when someone lets them merge in front of them. I used to see it all the time when I commuted in Toronto but since moving here it is very very rare. I really try to still do it though and this week I did it when a transport truck let me in when I was merging on a very short on ramp.

Being Patient
This week I waited a little bit longer at stop signs and waved people through even though it was my turn.

Free Drinks
We continued to give our Contractors cold drinks every day they were here. 

What you did
* Steve brought donuts in for his coworkers
* Rishma filled up my water bottle when it was empty
* Kelly donated blood
* Beth changed her profile picture on Facebook and then posted why she had changed it and all about Langley.
* Alexis shared on her Facebook page

I challenged you to complete 1 of these 10 random acts of kindness and for doing so I would give you a second entry into the giveaway. Here are the results. Any of the acts that weren't completed we can carry over to next week!

Buy something for the person behind you in line - Completed by Sarah! Someone let me in line with the kiddos at Tims so I bought their coffee.

Send a handwritten letter to someone you love - Completed by Andrea! I had been meaning to send a letter to someone who had helped me so much during a time of need and I was thinking of her this morning and thought I should send her a card!

Share Langley's story with someone who doesn't know about him - Completed by Andrea! I shared Langley's story today with a group of wonderful ladies at an event today, which lead to sharing the plight of special needs orphans and Reece's Rainbow!

Babysit for a friend so they can have a few hours off - Completed by Bryan! Bryan babysat for his friends so they could play baseball.

Return a shopping cart to the shopping cart corral - Completed by Sarah!

The Challenge for this week! 
The first person to do any of these will get an extra entry into the giveaway. Just leave me a message letting me know what you did!

* Pick up 1 bag of trash
* Make dinner for someone in need
* Send a funny ecard to someone who needs cheering up
* Bring your coworkers a special treat (no pressure to my coworkers) - Done by Meegs!
* Send flowers or a plant to someone you love
* Collect food for the Food Bank
* Donate blood
* Give out free popsicles or freezies
* Leave a thank you note for your mail carrier
* Take produce from your garden and give it to someone

Carried over from last week
* Take a picture with a stranger that says 'Help Me Save Langley'
* Mow your neighbours lawn
* Donate things you no longer use
* Give a care package to a homeless person...things to keep them cool!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's and soon to be Dad's out there. Let's hope that this time next year Langley will be showering his Dad with lots of hugs and kisses.

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