5 Help Me Save Langley - RAOK Week 1

The first week of Random Acts of Kindness for Langley is behind us and there was a lot of activity! Let's keep it up for the rest of the month. Let's get creative and think outside the box with our Random Acts of Kindness.

What we did
Free Treats
I taped two quarters onto a vending machine at work in hopes that someone would have a treat on me. 3 days went by and no one took them. Then the vending machine guy came to refill the machine and got mad that I had put them on the machine and spewed something about 'this machine is not for charity'. And then he took the quarters. What the what??? As my coworker put it 'when you do a random act of kindness you have no control over the outcome'.  That is certainly true in this case as it did not go as planned. The wheels in my brain are in motion about how to redo this in a different way this week.

Free Water
Today we went to a Donkey Sanctuary and it was insanely hot. On our way out Joey gave a bottle of water we had leftover to a volunteer who looked especially over heated and thirsty. She was very appreciative.

Free Drinks
We left reusable bottles of water filled with water, pop and homemade iced tea in a cooler for the contractors working in our backyard. 

What you did
* Meegs baked cookies with her daughter to give to the local fire department
* Steph offered up a gift card as a prize for our giveaway
* Paul started a soccer pool at work and half of the winning will go to Langley's grant account
* Rosie donated to Langley's grant account
* Andrea gave candy bars to Security Guards at a local Children's Home
* Andrea taped change to vending machine at the Children's Hospital
* Andrea handed out activity sets to children waiting at the hospital 
* Beth spread the word about Langley while at Sea World

Meegs, Rosie, Andrea, Samantha, Jessie, Melissa, Ashley, Carla and Steph all shared on Langley's story via social media.

The first person to do the following Random Acts and leave a comment saying they have done it will get an extra entry into the giveaway. You don't have to do them all, just the first person to do each of them.

* Buy something for the person behind you in line
* Send a handwritten letter to someone you love
* Take a picture with a stranger that says 'Help Me Save Langley'
* Share Langley's story with someone who doesn't know about him
* Mow your neighbours lawn
* Babysit for a friend so they can have a few hours off
* Donate things you no longer use
* Give a care package to a homeless person...things to keep them cool!
* Return a shopping cart to the shopping cart corral

What do you have planned for this week?  Don't forget to take pictures of your random acts and send them to me!


  1. I did 2 of those today! Someone let me in line with the kiddos at Tims so I bought their coffee and I returned the cart to the corral at Walmart :) Good thinking about leaving the drinks for the workers, I'm sure they loved it!

  2. That is awesome Sarah!! 2 extra entries for you :)

    The guys were so thankful for the drinks. It was super hot on Friday so I think they hit the spot. We plan on continuing offering drinks every day they are here.

  3. I completed one of these today! :)

    I shared Langley's story today with a group of wonderful ladies at an event today, which lead to sharing the plight of special needs orphans and Reece's Rainbow!

  4. I am also sitting down RIGHT now to write a letter to someone I love. I had been meaning to send a letter to someone who had helped me so much during a time of need and I was thinking of her this morning and thought I should send her a card! Now I'm doing it for sure!

  5. Just changed my profile picture on FB and then posted why I changed it and all about Langley. Sure hope his forever family sees him soon! I also linked this blog.