2 Garden Project - Planting

The moment of truth.....we have picked out our seeds, planned our garden, sowed the seeds, messed up the seeds and built our raised beds. Now it is time to build the garden and get our planting on!  I have been saying that for weeks but one thing or the other got in the way. Typically it was the weather that got in my way of planting all my delicious seeds and seedlings. And I am so glad that it did because this is where I was going to put our gardens. 

They wouldn't be around right now if I had gotten to plant them.  So instead we have moved their location. We looked at a few places and settled on the one that was not in the direct drainage route of our backyard. The first thing that I did was get rid of all the grass/weeds that were directly under where I wanted to put the beds. I made sure to do the area behind the beds too that sits right up against the fence because no one (Joe) wants to deal with cutting/weeding that once the gardens are in. I will be putting some rocks back there to keep the weeds away.

Next I laid down old newspaper in layers of 2 or 3 to help block weeds from popping up into the garden. You can also use biodegradable garden fabric if you have it. I wet the newspaper with a bit of water to keep it all in place. 

Next I loaded up the beds with organic soil and organic fertilizer. If you started out with organic non-GMO seeds then you are going to want to continue the organic trend and get yourself some organic soil. I couldn't find it in bulk but I did find it on sale at Rona for 0.99 a bag! Look for bags that are recyclable in your area too. If you can find it in bulk than that is even better!

Don't you just love our "grass" weeds

Last step was planting everything that was going in this bed. My plan got thrown out the window because we made 2 beds instead of 3 so I had to rethink what was going in each bed. This one now holds beans, peas, cucumber, carrots and brussel sprouts. The 2nd bed that I am going to build this week will house the lettuce, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and radishes.

How is your garden doing? Have you harvested anything yet?

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  1. Adorable! I love seeing photos of other's gardens. I do like the trellises you have, very functional yet decorative!

  2. Thanks Katie! They are bamboo so hopefully that means they will stand up to the weather for many years!