9 My name is Jen and I am a planner

I have been praised for my planning skills and I have also been made fun of. Seriously I got made fun of because I plan vacations. Without that planning my Dad and I would never have crawled through a lava tube that overlooked the ocean. Without that planning Joe and I would never have discovered Belize via an innertube and a river through a system of caves. Without that planning we never would have found a secret beach in Bermuda. 

I would be lost without Excel and the Notes app in my BlackBerry. I think this trait is what makes it easy for me to be green. Being anal a planner comes in handy when you are trying to reduce your families impact as much as possible:

Meal planning can help to reduce your impact. I look for sales on organic and local items and stock up. I also plan ahead so that I have the right food prepped and ready to go (ie: cooking beans in advance for soup). Yes it is easier to just open a can of beans and pour them in but it is much better for the environment to buy your beans in bulk and cook them off as you need them. It is also healthier because you reduce the amount of BPA you are exposed to. 

Having a Groceries note on my BlackBerry really helps too because then I am not buying things that we don't need. If it isn't on the list then I don't buy it. 

Reusing Items
I am in the process of selling baby items and OMG the planning. I have a spreadsheet of what I have for sale, where it is listed and how much I am asking for it. I also had to plan out when I was going to post the items based on when I know I can do exchanges. I look up similar items on other sites so I know how much to ask for and if it is even worth listing. Some times it isn't so I just donate it to a local charity. 

Home Renovations/Projects
Okay I will admit it....projects around the house make me giddy. I love looking for the best deal, scouring online sites for used items and for that item that just screams 'Jen & Joey!'. I think each major purchase through to make sure we are making the right decision so we aren't buying something then a few months later realizing it doesn't fit our needs or isn't what we want. So many items end up in the landfill for this reason (not from us) but with a little planning and research you can make sure you buy what you love.  

It also takes planning to find and use sustainable building products. There are lots of options out there but their eco friendliness really varies so doing your research can help you determine what is right for you. I am already thinking through our house projects and the stores (like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore) where we can get some great repurposed items.

It took planning to steal that 2nd tube from Joey. But it was so worth it.

Top 5 things I am planning right now
1. My new veggie and herb garden!
2. Backyard makeover
3. Master bedroom makeover
4. Office makeover
5. Summer vacation

Top 5 spreadsheets I have in use right now
1. Items to Sell
2. Spring Cleaning List
3. House Projects
4. Finances

Top 5 Notes on my BlackBerry
1. Blog Ideas
3. 101 in 1001 Book and Movie Tracking
4. Groceries
5. A note about the last time B nursed

Are you a planner? How does it help you on your green journey?

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  1. I wish I was as organized as you, Jen! I am so not! :)

  2. It is a curse sometimes. Too.many.spreadsheets!

  3. Wow ... you are a planning superstar! :-) I do think planning is a key ingredient to green living. It may be as simple as planning out meals & food purchases so that we don't waste ... or as complicated as planning a remodel to make our homes more energy efficient. But considering our actions before we take them usually leads to success.

  4. Well said and so very true!

  5. Now THAT is organization! Impressive!

  6. You don't even know the half of it Kristin! I have like 50 notes in my BB.

  7. wow you are a planner! I could learn something from you!

  8. I am a planner too ;-)

    Thanks for linking up at the Green & Natural Mamas Bloghop! This week's linky is now open.

  9. Yes! My husband always makes fun of me! I'll start a conversation with 'We need to make a plan...' and he'll interrupt with 'and make a list???' (usually, yes...). I love excel!