0 Garden Project - Picking Seeds

There is something about going out to your own garden that you have poured your time, energy and love into and picking fresh produce. There is something about taking a bite right there in that moment. I remember as a kid a special treat would be running outside to pick raspberries off the bush to put on our ice cream. I also remember going strawberry picking with my grandma. It was a lot of hard work (for a kid) but oh so worth it once I dove into those sweet Ontario berries.My favourite vegetable straight from the garden is hands down tomatoes but it is followed closely by green peas. I love picking the pods and popping them open to find the awesome goodness inside. 

This year we are expanding our garden to that we can grow more by ourselves and rely less on others. Plus I just want to try out a bunch of different things to see what will actually work! Because I doubt everything will be successful.  Our last garden was much smaller but at the time met our needs for our very first garden. We grew that garden from plants not seeds which meant it cost us more but took less effort and time. We were able to find mostly organic plants and used organic materials to build the garden. 

I went on the search for organic, GMO/Monsanto free seeds this year from a Canadian company.  There are a lot of seed companies out there but not nearly as many in Canada. I ended up going with Ontario Seed Company (OSC) because they had organic, GMO/Monsanto free seeds AND they were local to where e live. I also came across lots of lists of other companies that fit our criteria including: The Cottage Gardner, Annapolis Seeds, Seeds of Victoria, Terra Edibles, Salt Spring Seeds. If you live in the US Treehugger has a great list of companies here and there is also the Sustainable Seed Company

I bought my seeds yesterday and can not wait to get started. My coworker and I went at lunch and in the end we decided to share 4 packs of seeds because we knew we wouldn't be able to each use a pack. I bought the following (squeeeee): carrots, radishes, green beans, peas, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin (for Joe - le sigh. He wants his own pumpkin patch), chives, oregano, basil, thyme, peppers, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, salad mix. Total cost (including tax) $38.14.

Is it harvest time yet????

What are you growing in your garden and where did you get your seeds?

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