0 Selecting a Green Disposable Diaper

Since B was born we have tried 4 types of diapers with mixed result. We were looking for diapers that had a minimal impact on the environment, were economical, were available locally and worked for B. It is funny how you can think you will 100% use on product and then when you try it you realize that it just doesn't work for you. That is what happened to us.

Huggies Pure and Natural Disposables - Rating - 1 dirty diaper our of 5
We tried these out when B first came home from the hospital. We used them because they were readily available in the store...at the time they were the only non-traditional diaper in the store. We were not impressed with them. They leaked all the time and that resulted in not only using more diapers but always having to change his clothes. These aren't biodegradable and interesting enough when I asked some friends about them they all thought that they were. Clearly this is green washing by the company.

Cloth Diaper Service - Rating - 2 dirty diapers out of 5
We were set on using a cloth diaper service and we did try it out for a bit. The issue was that he developed a rash while wearing them and we were having to change him more than once an hour. Call me lazy if you want but with everything that comes with adjusting to having a newborn the last thing I wanted to be doing was changing a diaper (and his clothes) every 45 minutes. If there had been more options in All In One's (AIO) available we would have most likely gone that route instead of the service.

Seventh Generation Disposables - Rating - 3 dirty diapers out of 5
When cloth didn't work out for us I looked into Seventh Generation and was pleased to see that you can now buy them at groceries stores in Canada. But what did surprise me is that they aren't biodegradable. For some reason when I saw the name Seventh Generation I automatically thought that they were. Overall the diapers were good and B liked them. I did not however like that they were not biodegradable.

Nature Babycare Disposables - Rating - 5 dirty diapers out of 5
My niece gave us a package of Nature Babycare diapers for our shower. I am so glad that she did! They are biodegradable and organic! They are readily available in most major stores or online. You can add these to your regions compost system (call first to ensure they take them) or your home composter (but you have to add extra nitrogen). This was our diaper of choice from when B was a few months old until he potty trained.

What diapers did you end up trying before you found one that you loved?

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