1 Pee and Poo is bad for the environment

Well at least if you do it on a plane.

In the news this week the airlines asked passengers to use the washroom before getting onto a plane in order to cut down on gas consumption and thereby reducing emissions. Who know that passengers pee and poop weigh enough to make a big enough difference in fuel consumption.

I have no doubt that while they spun this to make it look like it is for environmental reasons it is really all about the money money. I guess it is only a matter of time before we have to pay to use the washrooms on planes. $2 for #1, $5 for #2. Please have exact change. Maybe they will create combo's where you can get headphones, 2 #1's, 1#2 and a bottle of wine for $20.

I think I will just travel with my Sh*t box from now on.

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  1. they better throw in one of those snack boxes or I'm boycotting.