6 Raising Green Kids

Today's blog post is brought to you from inside this kick ass fort I built. I didn't built it for me per-say but B is making me sit in here and has blocked all the exits so I have no escape route. Note to self - next time build a secret escape route or add a bathroom. At least this fort has wifi right?

Every parent wants their children to struggle less than we did, to have a better life. For me that doesn't revolve around money, vacations or 'stuff' it is about B being able to enjoy this world in the same way or better than Joe and I did growing up. I want B to be able to enjoy nature, go for hikes, camp, observe wildlife in their natural habitat and buy food from local farmers. I want him to have options. I do not want him to be surrounded by the concrete jungle with no means to escape. 

I believe a lot of the way that I am now as an adult is because of how my parents raised me. We spent a lot of time outside in nature and learning to appreciate it. I hope I can instill these same values in B so he will grow up respecting the awesomeness that is Canada and how lucky we are to have nature a few steps away from our home. 

Here are some quick wins for how you can start to raise green kids:

* Teach your kids about waste. Most importantly focus on Reduce...if they don't create the waste in the first place then they don't have to figure out how to manage it.
* Donate toys to the less fortunate. We will be using the 1 in 1 out rule and letting B pick which organization the toys can go to.
* Buy used. Kids (and adults) can sometimes think that buying second hand isn't cool. Teach your kids that it is cool and show them how many awesome things you can find or how you can re purpose something just for them. 
* Spend time outside. Yes this means putting down the Wii and turning off Treehouse but there is so much more value in going outside then there is in sitting in front of the TV. 
* Recycle materials for craft time.
* Attend local environment events. Most events will have activities for kids that are geared at helping them learn about the environment and the role they can play.
* Tour local farms and show the kids where their food is coming from. Tour landfills to show them where their waste is going.
* Walk the walk. Kids learn by example so live the life you want them to live.
* Get your kids involved in creating their own litterless lunch.
* Have fun! Being green certainly isn't boring so show your kids this.

If you don't have kids there is no reason you can't do these same things with the kids in your life (friends kids, nieces, nephews etc). As adults we can be influential on all the kids in our life. This is our opportunity to make the world a better place for them. 

What are you doing to raise green kids?

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  2. litterless Lunch?

  3. Mel - Litterless lunch is a lunch that has 0 garbage. All reusable containers and any food waste is composted. A lot of schools are requiring lunches to be litterless now.

  4. I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing. I don't consider myself to be true green but I do try. My big thing with my kids is the R - reuse! My kids call goodwill the toy store because that's where they get so many fun toys. :-)
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  5. That is awesome that your kids do that!

  6. This is a great post, I love it. Our family is an outdoors family... we love being outside!! My oldest son eats lunch at school, but my youngest helps pack his lunch everyday... and he always makes sure it's a litterless lunch, he sometimes even gets on me if I mess up!!!

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