17 Speed Bumps

Sometimes on our green journey we encounter speed bumps. Little things that slow us down or even take us on a completely different path. We aren't perfect and that sometimes means that we have to chose something that is not as green as we would like or heck not green at all. I try to not let it bother me when this happens but it is hard to not be a bit disappointed. 

Speed Bump #1 - Food
I love me some food. And Joe loves meat. We (okay I) try to make sustainable choices for us but its hard yo. Organic and local is easy compared to non-GMO, no HFCS, No Nestle, and Fuck Monsanto. How does we even know what is GMO and what isn't? How do we know if Monsanto is linked to our food? HFCS is in everything and all the delicious stuff. No Nestle has been easy for me as long as I read all the labels closely. Joe on the other hand is not on board with it...because he loves Smarties.

Solutions to Reduce our Impact
* We buy local and organic as often as possible. 
* We don't eat meat every night.
* We have a garden.
* We buy brands that we have investigated to ensure they are legit (as far as we can tell).
* HFCS, non-GMO and Fuck Monsanto are work in progress for me. Solutions are welcome.

Speed Bump #2 - Hair Care
I have had zero success with green hair products and I am terrified to try no-poo because I know I would have greasy hair for like 2 weeks. So I continue to use semi-green hair care products and some not so green. ::hangs chemical laden hair in shame::

Solutions to Reduce our Impact
* I found a recipe to make my own hairspray (edit: here is the recipe)
* I will keep looking for shampoo/conditioner options for myself and Joe

Speed Bump #3 - Diapers and Wipes
We tried cloth diapering and it just did not work for us or for B. There were so many factors at play but it came down to the fact that B broke out in a horrible rash from them. It may have been the diapers from the service we were using but regardless it meant we switched to disposables. We planned on switching back when he hit 6 months (and was going through less diapers each day) but our daycare provider wouldn't do cloth so we had to stick with disposable. 

Solutions to Reduce our Impact
* We looked a lots of options for diapers and settled on Nature BabyCare based on what their diapers are made from (plus they work awesome)
* We use Nature BabyCare again because of what they are made from but recently tried out Jackson Reece wipes and OMG they rocked our socks off. They worked so good we only had to use half the amount we normally used to, they are made from natural ingredients AND they break down in your composter.

Speed Bump #4 - Water Usage (not mine)
Joe uses a lot of water sometimes...pretty much the entire time he is in the washroom or the kitchen the water is running. I don't know why he does it, I don't think he knows why he does it. I have come to the conclusion that there is no changing this and thus it is not worth my energy to try and fight it. DISCLAIMER - I reserve the right to turn the water off when I walk by.

What are your Speed Bumps? Do they keep you up at night or are you all cool with them?

Check out other blogs and what their speed bumps are as part of Change the World Wednesday.

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  1. On the show "Stuff Happens" Bill Nye explained the CD's aren't always a greener option... so don't feel too bad.

    I'm slightly distracted, but if you liked to the reason for the Nestle boycott I didn't see it. Can you provide a link to why you're boycotting?

    Your repetition of Fuck Monsanto was greatly enjoyed and appreciated. It also reminded me of a Lewis Black skit where he talks about Moo Cow Fuck Milk. And how horrible it is for you. I always hated milk, and so does my dad, so we always joke about Moo Cow Fuck Milk. I think I will add "Fuck" to the front of Monsanto when I talk about them, too.

  2. I was LMHO at the water usage because I have the same issue in our house. Yes, it's an issue because water is being wasted! Every time, I tell myself to pick my battles. I have already lost the cable box battle, but that's ok! There are slightly bigger fish to fry!

  3. Fuck Monsanto can be used in so many ways. FUCK MONSANTO!! with your fist raised in the air. Or Fuck! Monsanto. Like Oh shit them again.

    I recently linked to the Nestle boycott here Sam. http://www.jenandjoeygogreen.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-can-be-spooky-and-sustainable.html You can also click on the Nestle Boycott button the left over there <------

  4. What is with men and water???? Steph from GGGG says the same thing in her house too! Is it background noise or something?

    I am still waiting on my last hydro bill to see if the cable box thing made a dent at all. It pisses Joe off every single day but when he brought B over to the UK to me he at least unplugged it before they left!

  5. You're such a smarty pants, my dear friend. I really enjoyed this post, Jen and did some searching as I was completely in the dark about Monsanto.

    I know a bit about nestle through the CBC's "Bitter truth" documentary, but would love to read more.

    Thanks as always for being so passionate and enlightened and teaching me along the way!!


  6. Amy - Monsanto is a company that completely leaves me speechless. It is just so overwhelming that I think a lot of people just give up and think there is nothing they can do. I will admit that 99% of the time I am one of them because I don't even know where to begin.

  7. No 'pooing won't leave your hair greasy, I promise. I did it a few times when I ran out of crunchy shampoo. I now only use shampoo and do a vinegar rinse and my hair looks exactly the same as when I used conditioner. You can't just stop washing your hair, you would need to no 'poo every 2-3 days for a while, then you'd be able to go 3-4 days, then 4-5. I've been told that eventually (6+ months) you'll only need to no 'poo once a week.

  8. That is interesting feedback Gillian! I have read some blogs where people go cold turkey with their shampoo and switch right to vinegar and baking soda. Maybe that is why they experienced 10-14 days of grease?

    Are you down to using shampoo once a week?

  9. OMGoodness ... yep, I think the water thing is a "guy" thing. I, however, am not so nice as the women, here, who don't say anything ... I am oh soooo vocal. The result is that, in my Christmas stocking this year, I got one of those little flow control things and this one reduces the flow by over 50%. Hubby gave it to me and he installed it the kitchen. So, he might leave it on but far less is coming out. :-)

    Are you boycotting Hershey's as well? As I understand it, some of the companies that they hire have violated human rights because of how they treat their employees and the ages of their employees. When Hershey's was asked about it, they basically washed their hands of the whole thing saying it wasn't their responsibility nor in their control. Ha ... like they don't have power. So, they are off my list!

    Thanks for sharing your roadblocks and starting this great discussion!

  10. I have been vocal (okay nagging) about the water for years. Nothing has worked. But I do like the low flow idea...I need to look around and see if I can find one for the bathroom and kitchen.

    I haven't heard anything on Hershey. I will have to look into that. Thanks for bringing it up! When I was in the UK all the Cadbury chocolate was fair trade which was nice to see.

  11. Hi from the meet and greet! I loved reading about your challenges; you wrote in such a candid way and I think this week's challenge has been really helpful for me in realising none of us are alone in this. My hubby leaves the taps running too - what IS that about?!

  12. I could give you some amazing shampoo options!! These have no nasties and they leave your hair miraculously shiny and healthy. (no, I don't rep for them). The trick is you have to get your hair off silicones and shampoo less, getting used to the natural sebum in your hair which will actually protect it making it easier to go no chemicals. Been there done that!
    Oh and love the choice of diapers. We use them and though we do use cloth too, there are simply places you can't.
    Stopping by from the Meet & Greet!

  13. Sounds like we need a water usage support group!!!

    @The Organic Blonde - I would love any suggestions that you have!

  14. I wash my hair twice per week, on average. Some weeks it's gross by day 3, and sometimes it's fine on day 4 when I wash it anyway so that I don't feel dirty. I think that if I didn't mind being a bit greasy for a couple weeks, I could get down to shampooing every 5-6 days. Since I'm working part-time I'm not really willing to be a greaseball right now! I still used my Live Clean shampoo. I tried using diluted Dr Bronner's for my shampoo but it didn't work out so well. I think a lot of people go from normal shampoo&conditioner every day or every second day, to no 'pooing once a week - which would explain the oil slick hair they would experience! The key, I've been told, is to be very gradual about the whole thing.

  15. Right now I wash my hair every other day so if the gradual approach is the way to go I could try extending that by a day and see what happens.

  16. We do really well with food. We grow a garden, participate in a CSA and eat vegetarian. We love it and not just because we like to be green. We feel healthier and more gratified by our food choices. Plus the stuff is delicious.

  17. I love having a garden too! There is seriously nothing better than just walking out into your backyard and grabbing what you need for a meal.