0 Make Your Own Halloween Treat Bags

It isn't always easy to find healthier Halloween treats to hand out and it is even harder to find non-candy treats that won't get your house egg'd. Last year I got the last minute idea to hand out stickers instead of candy but couldn't find any individual boxes of stickers. Instead I bought sheets of stickers and a bunch of other small items to make treat bags. The total cost was less than 46 cents per bag with the lollipop making up half of that cost.

Make Your Own Halloween Treat Bags

I made these bags for the kids and for the teenagers I handed out just candy. These bags works well for kids with allergies too as the main feature of the bag isn't the candy.

What You Need
Crayons/markers/pencil crayons
2-3 items to put into the bag 

Craft ideas - Pencils, erasers, stickers, tattoos

Toy ideas - Dinky cars, rubix cubes, playing cards, bouncy balls, jacks, yo-yo's, finger puppets 
(Tip - check out your local dollar store or party store for the best value)

  1. Shake your magic 8 ball to figure out how many kids you think you will get this year. Typically it is the (Number of kids from last year * 2)/300 (if rain or snow expected) or 1.5 (if normal weather expected). Don't forget to add the co-efficient for Halloween falling on a weekend. In this case multiply by 7 million and then divide by the weather variable. 
  2. Get your kids to work drawing random Halloween type objects on the front of each bag. 
  3. Cut a the stickers and tattoo sheets into sections so that each bag is getting 3-4 stickers/tattoos
  4. Add everything to the bag, fold the bag down 2 times and seal shut with a sticker. If for some reason the stickers won't hold it shut, try stapling it instead.

What do you give out for Halloween?  What do your kids typically bring home?

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