1 Bump Yourself Up On the To-Do List

There is a point in life where we start to push ourselves to the back of the To-Do list. For me it was shortly after having B. Laundry, cleaning, dishes, the internet, TV, toddler life, husband stuff....all more important than me. Any time I have tried to break out of it and put myself first I have felt guilty. Like for some reason I shouldn't prioritize myself or some other crock of crap like that. It's exhausting not putting myself first.

As Mom's our To-Do List can get really full...and it never seems to get any shorter. I tend to put everything else first so before I know it, it is midnight and I am still up doing laundry or making lunch for the next day. Last night, before I went to bed, I made a list of what I would do tonight after putting B to bed. First item on the list: 7:30-8:00 - YOGA. I can't remember the last time the first thing on the list was something just for me.  I skipped my regular routine of picking up toys, putting a load of laundry in and settling in for a night of making pinable images and attempting to stay on top of social media. I kicked a spiderman puzzle out of the way and opened my sparkly new yoga app. The next 25 minutes involved lots of laughing and grunting and continuously checking my BlackBerry to ensure I was doing the pose correctly (I wasn't).

There is an impact of not putting ourselves first and it results in us not being the best that we can be. It can lead you to eat unhealthy - maybe not non-organic but probably more processed or an increase in sugar and fat. Like that late night peanut butter and banana sandwich that I am currently craving. And we all know what happens when you aren't eating right and working out. The dreaded fat jeans. 

Get yourself out of the rut!  
  1. Start by making a list of what you want to do tomorrow and put yourself near the top. 
  2. Fill your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks. Know what your cravings are and find a healthy alternative. If I am craving something sweet after dinner then I will make myself a small protein shake instead. 
  3. Lead by example - my friend Jenny is always posting pictures of her and her kids doing yoga together. The earlier you get them involved in a healthy lifestyle the more likely they are to stick with it as they grow. 

It is okay if the house isn't perfect all of the time and if you put the TV on for your kid so you can squeeze in a quick run on the treadmill. Give yourself permission to spend time on yourself. I know I am starting to. 

How far down on your to-do list are you?

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